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His knowledge and experience will help Genera continue to meet the needs of existing clients, but also help identify new business opportunities in this rapidly expanding industry.
Genera has invested significantly in building its poultry vaccines capabilities, including regulatory submissions in the EU and elsewhere.
CEO and president of Genera Energy Inc, We look forward to working with the WindSail Capital team, and we appreciate their recognition of the complexity and value of the upstream supply of biomass for a variety of fast growing bio-based markets, said Kelly Tiller, Ph.
A total of 50 species from 13 genera and 3 families (Penaeidae, Sicyoniidae, and Solenoceridae) of the superfamily Penaeoidea were identified in this study and are listed on Table 1.
Four of them consist of diverse associations but are dominated by species belonging to a single genus, which co-occur with several subordinate genera and a bunch of rare taxa.
Since 2008, Genera Energy has grown to be the industry leader in biomass supply and supply chain services.
Their analyses further suggest that birds in the two swiftlet genera last shared an ancestor 2 million to 3 million years ago, says Price.
Before 1969, scientists averaged about 12 new dinosaur genera per decade.
Species are thus very different from the other taxonomic categories used in virus classification such as genera and families.
Even more provocatively, Haile-Selassie's group concludes that 6-to-7-million-year-old fossil teeth that have been attributed by other researchers to two separate hominid genera, Sahelanthropus (SN.
In addition to the Micrococcus genus, bacteria belonging to the former genus Micrococcus were recently divided into the genera Kocuria, Nesterenkonia, Kytococcus, and Dermacoccus, followed by rearrangement into two families (Micrococcaceae.
Conroy, who spoke at the annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, used a worldwide data set on mammalian anatomy to identify the number of current species in genera falling within the estimated weight range of early Homo--66 to 143 pounds.
Using a database of marine fossils, Jablonski considered two types of groups of related organisms, or clades--in this case, genera and orders.
In the last of Linnaeus' branchings, the so-called genera split into the most basic identification of organisms, the species.
IDEXX") (NASDAQ:IDXX) announced today the acquisition of Genera Technologies, Limited ("Genera"), a UK based company with annualized revenue of approximately US $4 million.