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However, it is most unlikely that an alternating system of this type would lead to the construction of ranges, on average as narrow as those found in systems permitting genealogically close marriage.
On the basis of the evidence which Gell himself cites it is clear that the degree of ornamentation on such objects as fan-handles was directly correlated not with the political power of their owners but their rank genealogically defined, the most lavishly decorated being owned by the men and women of the highest rank (and status).
The first category includes the genealogically recorded kings, such as Shangjia and Tang, who came from the royal lineages.
The Register is the most commonly referenced periodical in the Periodical Source Index (PERSI), an index of thousands of genealogically significant publications.
Through time, a long-lived place became institutionalised genealogically as people appropriated or manipulated its importance for their own purposes, perhaps deriving from it a sense of their own identity and destiny.
2) Rather, they are alien, semi-divine beings, who are neither genetically nor genealogically connected to the present inhabitants (the Irish), but who still retain a powerful presence within the landscape and its monuments.
By expanding our popular collection of online titles in the Internet Family Archives, we continue our stated objective of putting more and more genealogically relevant data on the Internet," said Genealogy.
Despite the somewhat ambiguous formulation above, I do not imply that the use of kin terms towards persons who are not genealogically close is strictly the product of a metaphorical extension, an approach (5) that has been termed 'polysemic' with regard to the 'meaning' of kin terms.
For the first time, these genealogically rich 1900 U.
Members of the auhenua matrilineage of a particular area ought to be able to navigate through, direct activity, and know the ancestral powers and sites in their territory with reference to a genealogically ordered lineage narrative (mamaani auhenua).
9) In the Cronica version, therefore, the community depicted is monoculturally constituted and genealogically pure, and local culture is not a product of intercultural interaction but of unbroken Spanish, Christian succession.
All versions include genealogically valuable records on CD such as immigration, Census, marriage, birth and military data.
Thus it is not only the status of caste transmitted genealogically and through ties of marriage that people account for in dealing with each other, but also the status or social esteem resulting from the practices of everyday life in the household.
The partnership will leverage the significant data resources available at the University of Utah to study genealogically related families in clinical settings for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
Further, similar features in adjacent genealogically unrelated languages may also be instances of typologically similar developments and therefore ultimately instances of chance.
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