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of or relating to genealogy


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Furthermore, the genealogic descent is not absolutely necessary either for groups of people or of animals, etc.
Traditional philology and modern genetic criticism use the same tools, but with different objectives, since genetic criticism starts from an edited text--usually approved by the author--to then break down the creative process into its preparatory phases and the intermediate stages (see Gresillon), while medieval philology follows the reverse path: it does not prepare a genetic dossier, that is, made up of materials which precede the definitive text, but prepares a genealogic dossier composed of materials which derive from the definitive text and that are interpretations of that text as "secondary moments of textual production and reproduction" (McGann, Textual Criticism 192).
However, such a genealogic link may be indirect and distant because a similar hypothesis for SARS-CoV has been under dispute: whether the CoV jumped from bats directly to humans or through civets or even through some other animals as intermediate hosts (30).
Biomedical informatics The primary objective of the Biomedical Informatics Core is to create and sustain a statewide set of interconnected data resources that virtually link genotypic, phenotypic, genealogic, health care, environmental, and public health data from a disparate collection of sources.
To construct the genealogic trees, nucleotide and putative amino acids sequences for the 35 RABV strains of N and G genes were aligned by the CLUSTAL/W multiple alignment algorithm method using the BioEdit program, (22) and then by manually checking the alignments for each set of aligned sequences.
Other earlier genealogic studies have found increased rates of mental illness in the families of creative persons (Babcock, 1895; Galton, 1871, 1892; Juda, 1949; Kretschmer, 1931; Lombroso, 1891; Maudsley, 1895; Myerson & Boyle, 1941; Nisbet, 1900).
In one large analysis published in February in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, researchers at the University of Utah used records from a large health and genealogic database to study more than a million Utah residents.
I then learned that David had spent a year (July 1975-July 1976) on the atoll of Pingelap in Micronesia, and he had been corresponding with Morton, an eminent human population geneticist, who had done a number of detailed genetic and genealogic investigations on Pingelap some years earlier.
I heard about it in the '50s when we were doing a genealogic study.
The researchers used data contained in the Utah Population Database, a public information repository containing health and genealogic data of more than 2 million Utah residents, examining health and family records of 1,264 individuals with lumbar disc disease, defined as either lumbar disc degeneration or lumbar disc herniation.
Such intentionality can be translated in textual footprints which impels us to read this poetry as a genealogic history of its own writing.
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