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graphical representation of the arrangement of genes on a chromosome

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The Application part consists of three items: Disease Browser, Gene Expression, and a QTL comparative gene map.
The breakthrough, announced in the journal Science, will ultimately lead to a complete human gene map - expected in about five years - which will help scientists investigate genetic links to illness and health.
SCIENTISTS have taken a giant leap towards understanding the mystery of life by producing the first gene map of an animal.
In laboratories around the country, scientists are at work charting the human gene map, discovering as they go the mutations that turn a normal gene into an agent of disability and disease.
Binns was leading the work at the Animal Health T rust in Newmarket to create a gene map of the thoroughbred, and the BHB had just set up Equine Genetics Research Ltd, a company designed to keep the acquired knowledge in the public domain.
Dr Steven Briggs, head of Syngenta's genomics unit, said the company had spent more than pounds 20 million on its gene map.
The human gene map will speed the discovery of genes contributing to common diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis and psychiatric disorders,'' said Dr.
Led by Professor Harris Lewin, Director of the Keck Center, this group has produced the world's most detailed cattle-human comparative gene map using ESTs and radiation hybrid mapping and developed powerful bioinformatics tools for the prediction of map location of any DNA sequence in livestock species using comparative mapping information.
He continued, "Absent our collection of human genes isolated in messenger RNA, it would not be possible to create a comprehensive human gene map.