gene expression

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conversion of the information encoded in a gene first into messenger RNA and then to a protein

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Changes in gene expression underlie many biological phenomena.
Hepatic gene expression in protoporphyic Fech mice is associated with cholestatic injury but not a marked depletion of the heme regulatory pool.
In contrast with the "wrappered" approach to database integration, where information retrieval is slowed by the need to merge multiple queries and query results, NetGenics Gene Expression DataMart provides immediate access to requested data with a single query.
The first results of gene expression profiling of the host-pathogen interaction have just begun to emerge.
The 2012 Gene Expression Profiling Dashboard was developed from responses to a 21-question survey completed by 460 scientists predominantly located in North America and Europe.
These solicitations are anticipated to stimulate research directed toward the understanding of the role of epigenetic modulation of gene expression in a variety of diseases and dysfunctions and the modulation of epigenetic regulation by environmental chemicals either alone or in combination with altered nutrition.
Transcript abundance measurement is commonly used to measure gene expression, or activity.
This 2010 Gene Expression Profiling Dashboard is the third in a series that characterizes the dynamic market for products for profiling gene expression.
By investigating differences in the gene expression patterns of mice exposed at different developmental stages, Essigmann hopes to find clues to better understand why some people are sensitive and some are resistant, how race and gender may affect why some people respond to therapeutic drugs and others do not, why infants and children are more susceptible than adults, and why hepatitis confers heightened sensitivity to aflatoxin effects.
While promoters vary in size and function, their role in controlling gene expression is constant.
In response to customer requests, we are pleased to offer an additional choice in Gene Expression Profiling with the Illumina platform," said Rollie Carlson, President of Asuragen.
Microarray analysis identified which genes had been up- or down-regulated and revealed unique patterns of gene expression in response to DOX and 5FU in each cell type as well as each cell line.
We are honored to support their systems biology research and provide the university with the robust data management and analysis capabilities for gene expression and comparative proteomics research.
The rodent uterotrophic assay, a standard method [or assessing a compound's estrogenicity, offers a model for phenotypic anchoring, or linking changes in gene expression to specific pathologic changes.
As part of the relationship, consortium members plan to use Invitrogen's broad gene expression and imaging portfolio to enable discovery of biomedically relevant aspects of gene and protein expression through advanced screening techniques.