gene delivery vector

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a vector for delivering genes into cells

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ARIAD scientists have incorporated this new technology into gene delivery vectors for testing in animal models.
According to the contract, 4DMT will install its AAV vector discovery platform, Directed Vector Evolution, to discover and optimise new gene delivery vectors for use in gene therapy products.
Lentiviral vectors, which are more efficient at targeting non-dividing cells than traditional retroviral vectors, have a larger gene delivery capacity than certain other gene delivery vectors and therefore hold the potential to be used to deliver a wider range of therapeutic genes.
Examples of specific topics addressed include nanoscale analysis of mucus-carrier interactions for improved drug absorption, polymeric gene delivery vectors, scientific and engineering approaches to biomimetic systems, nanostructured scaffolds for tissue engineering, star polymers and dendrimers in nanotechnology and drug delivery, and nanoparticulate structures in diabetes treatment.
Next steps include codon optimization of the libraries, investigation of other potential vectors, and the use of gene delivery vectors (like engineered adenoviruses with specific ligands attached) that can target immunologically relevant cells.
Chapters entail background information and detailed protocols that describe a variety of gene delivery vectors and techniques, both viral and nonviral.
Following an introduction to the role of PK and PD in the development of biotech drugs, the book goes on to cover the basics, including the pharmacokinetics of peptides, monoclonal antibodies, antisense oligonucleotides, as well as viral and non-viral gene delivery vectors.
As part of the agreement, GenStar will develop gene delivery vectors that will be evaluated in preclinical studies to be performed by Centocor, a Johnson & Johnson company.
Targeted Genetics intends to maintain a significant equity position in CellExSys and will be the exclusive manufacturer for any gene delivery vectors that CellExSys may utilize as it develops T-cells as gene delivery vehicles.