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Synonyms for amplification

Synonyms for amplification

Synonyms for amplification

addition of extra material or illustration or clarifying detail

the amount of increase in signal power or voltage or current expressed as the ratio of output to input


(electronics) the act of increasing voltage or power or current

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Myc gene amplification is often acquired in lethal distant breast cancer metastases of unamplified primary tumors.
This evaluation of HER-2/neu gene amplification by FISH is important because only those cases that are grade 3+ and 2+ by immunohistochemistry, that are positive for FISH amplification present evidence of more benefit of adding trastuzumab to the chemotherapy regimen.
sup][8] Second, our panel could not synchronously screen for gene amplifications due to limitations of the single-base extension technology (i.
A CN of [greater than or equal to] 3 was selected as a confident threshold for gene amplification, which was above the CN [greater than or equal to] 2.
We retrospectively reevaluated HER2 gene amplification and expression status in our consultation practice to determine what proportion of breast cancers are in each of these ASCO-CAP guidelines' categories and to assess the patterns of protein over-expression for each of these categories.
Gene amplifications are under continuous selection pressures, Snijders and Mao described that and "when the selection pressure is removed, amplifications are not maintained and eventually disappear.
senchenko, V, Activation of the hTERT expression in squamous cell cervical carcinoma is not associated with gene amplification, OncoReo.
Keywords: Epidermal growth factor, Gene amplification, High pressure liquid chromatography.
2005) have confirmed our OmpTS gene amplification findings that virulent A.
In order to avoid misinterpreting chromosome 17 polysomy as HER2 gene amplification, the use of a CEN 17 probe is recommended for more accurate HER2 status assessment.
In the newly reported study, the Resar team applied the same techniques to several strains of human breast cancer cells in the laboratory, including the so-called triple negative cells - those that lack hormone receptors or HER2 gene amplification.
Bacteria with this gene were then cultivated on growth substrate lacking both amino acids, which led to the selection for gene amplification resulting in up to 20 copies of the same gene.
Among these programs, comprehensive sampling of invasive fungal infections involves nearly 2,000 samples of yeast and moulds, each requiring the highest quality of identifications, and currently requiring gene amplification and sequencing.
Ni compounds exhibit weak mutagenie activity, cause gene amplification, and disrupt cellular epigenetic homeostasis.
The aim of this study was to determine whether 12 TERC gene amplification is detectable by FISH in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells.