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Katz said the March of Dimes currently supports a significant amount of basic research on the mechanisms of gene action, and looks forward to supporting clinical applications of this research in the form of gene therapy that would restore the health of an individual.
Our scientists, along with those at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, have demonstrated that NEUGENES regulate p53 gene action more effectively than earlier generations of antisense compounds.
Scientists believe that inadequate or loss of expression of this gene, called CTIP2, may play a role in some skin disorders and understanding the mechanisms of gene action could provide a solution to them.
For instance, the cellular machinery that coordinates gene action provides the environment for genes.
AVI's proprietary antisense technology works by stopping or slowing gene action.
AVI") (Nasdaq:AVII)(Nasdaq:AVIIW)(Nasdaq:AVIIZ), and the University of Nebraska Medical Center have demonstrated that AVI's novel antisense compounds, NEUGENES(R), effectively regulate p53 gene action at significantly lower doses than earlier generations of antisense compounds.