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These findings are in line with those of Irshad ul Haq (2010) who presented that over-dominance gene action was operating ASI.
Wr/Vr graph of the days to first flowering depicted over-dominance type of gene action as Wr line cut the Vr line below the point of origin (Fig.
Gene action was tested by fitting QTLs to dominant, recessive and additive genetic models.
Additionally, the results also revealed that D was lower than H suggesting predominance of non-additive gene action in all the characters in the bean under highly-calcareous soils.
The major alleles for palmitate exhibited primarily additive gene action in five crosses because there were no significant differences between the average palmitate content of the [F.
According to (Griffing, 1956) the combining ability analysis partitions the genotypic variability in to variances due to general combining ability (GCA) and specific combining ability (SCA), which represent the additive type of gene action, over dominance and dominance type of gene action for the controlling of various traits of parents and their hybrids under normal and water stress conditions.
This means that gene action, and its results, cannot be understood from looking at gene usage in the dimensions within cells alone.
Keywords: Maize, Griffing's combining ability, GCA, SCA effects, gene action, yield components.
Representing the inheritance pattern with the role of additive gene action conferring GCA (as parents with higher estimates) and non-additive gene action inferring SCA (higher interaction of hybrids) leads to the identification of superior genotypes [5, 7].
The present investigation had been undertaken to know the type of gene action governing yield and yield contributing traits and to identify the parent and crosses, which could be exploited for future breeding programme.
The magnitude of GCA and SCA variances revealed pre-dominance of additive as well as non-additive gene action in the inheritance of seed cotton yield and its yield attributes (Baloch et al.
Root length, shoot length, Na+ and K+ ion contents were governed by non-additive type of gene action whereas; leaf area was controlled by additive gene action.
Through examinations of patients suffering from myelodysplastic syndrome, a type of myelogenetic blood cancer, the team found that four types of genes -- which produce the cohesin protein complex that coordinates gene action -- suppress the growth of cancer cells.
Studying color variation in cats provides the opportunity to uncover new principles of gene action and interaction that may have unexpected applications to understanding developmental and morphologic variation in natural populations, including humans.
Although, the mode of gene action in these two research works are different, both of these studies support the lack of additive mode of gene action and segregation of major gene in Baluchi sheep breed.