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Synonyms for gender



Synonyms for gender

a grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives

the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles

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The present article examines gender differences in college students' social goals, as some evidence exists that males and females will differ in their social goals.
One of the things I love about classical ballet is the difference between the two genders.
22) Mothers bore the major responsibility for rearing children of both genders up through ages six or seven and were often ambivalent about the transformation of their male youngsters into "boys.
In fact, the practice of career counseling has increasingly been extended to populations that vary in age, sociocultural status, race or ethnicity, and gender (Gysbers, Heppner, & Johnston, 1998).
Our culture depicts people whose discomfort with gender norms goes beyond being tomboys or feminine men as mere curiosity items for trash TV ("Your woman is really a man
Saints' Lives and the Rhetoric of Gender is a revision of the doctoral dissertation Kitchen completed at the University of Toronto's Centre for Medieval Studies in 1995.
A genetic goof that adds extra sets of chromosomes, or polyploidy, could trigger the split into gender forms, suggests Jill S.
In her new memoir about the experience, Crossing (University of Chicago Press), she recounts both her trials - in a bid to stop the process, McCloskey's sister, a psychologist, had her committed involuntarily to mental institutions and otherwise tried to stop the gender change - and her triumphs.
It's time to call the persistent clash of genders what it really is: a class conflict within a dangerously invisible and pervasive cult-like class system.
Evidence of different patterns of marital status between the genders suggest that women are more likely to come to vocational rehabilitation for services when their marital and/or economic status has changed.
The new research is reaping enormous rewards for both men and women; if we can answer the questions we are asking today we'll be able to improve the health of both genders," said Dr.
In this study, the genders of the instructor (leader) and the student (follower) were considered.
30) Her argument is as follows: Previously, there was nowhere for crossovers to go if they abandoned their assigned genders, but today, bot h males and females have options for employment that were undreamed of in earlier times.
AS a transsexual, everyone wants me to tell them what the difference is between the other two genders .
Spenser's engagement with this "intriguing hazard of self-dispossession" is implicit in his invention of figures throughout The Fairie Queene and also in Epithalamion and Amoretti) whose designated genders are similarly at risk (21).