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Synonyms for gender



Synonyms for gender

a grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives

the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles

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However, by denying female subjectivity in her fiction and retreating into a seemingly genderless state, she also avoided being ghettoized literarily.
Moreover, because Colfax, like his contemporaries and his predecessors, took the black man to be the prototypical, genderless Negro, black masculinity was the basis for these observations and conclusions.
This happens on a grand scale in Figure, a life-size but genderless yarn-and-felt figure splayed across the floor.
Most Sundays game days--I looked like a die-hard Packers fan, so bundled in layers as to appear genderless.
But when they decide to keep or put on the veil they once took off they might do so to reappropriate their space or to claim a new difference in defiance of genderless, hegemonic, centred standardisation (73).
The trinity was viewed as genderless, or as a reflection of the paradox of gender.
through body language or observations--are also inevitable and, at least to some extent, are also inevitably genderless in that context.
There is a lack of understanding of the fact that God is genderless but has been made male at the expense of females who attempt to worship God as a being with both feminine and masculine attributes.
To remove the offense to the economic arena also allows the inclusion of men in the temporarily genderless category, as they were included in reality.
The BioQuate Disposable Aseptic Connector (DAC) is a genderless connection system based on ISO standards; the connectors are available in various hose barb sizes up to th", as well as, a DAC / sanitary coupling combination.
Norrie May-Welby, 48, who was born in Paisley a man and had a sex change operation 20 years ago, and now lives in Australia, managed to convince authorities there to create a genderless option on all official documents.
This character, whom Mullican has elsewhere labeled "that person," is nameless, genderless (the artist uses the masculine pronoun when discussing him for the sake of convenience), and ageless, though he first surfaced in the late 1970s.
The non-disabled majority saw women and men with disabilities as genderless (Fine & Asch, 1988).
Millers points out in Chapter Five that, in biblical tradition, God is never spoken of as she or her, or regarded as genderless.