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agreement in grammatical gender between words in the same construction

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age, age difference, gender agreement, geographical distance, and cognitive-behavioral impairment) of affective and instrumental caregiving supports.
The mechanisms of intra-noun-phrase gender agreement operating in "classical" West Saxon Schriftsprache are usually described as strictly formal in nature.
Rather than taking an explanatory stance, the analysis made for the purposes of this paper aims to present the quantitative distribution of nominal phrases with "wrong" gender agreement occurring in the Peterborough Chronicle, a representative piece of transitional prose.
Numerous attempts have been made to offer more or less viable explanations for the cases of "wrong" gender agreement.
Instead, it sets out to establish, in descriptive and quantitative terms, the actual scale on which the phenomenon of NP internal unhistorical gender agreement can be observed in the selected piece of transitional prose, namely the Peterborough Chronicle (Bodleian MS.
Part 2 presents the statistical results yielded by an analysis of gender agreement between head nouns and their premodifying demonstratives.
Firstly, the assumption is made that one deals with unhistorical gender agreement if a substantive traditionally associated with a particular gender appears in construction with a demonstrative whose form is identical with a demonstrative form of a different gender.
NP internal gender agreement in Old English: A brief sketch
grammatical gender agreement [was] obligatory" (Baron 1971: 120).
72% of NPs which comply with the traditional gender agreement rules.
According to the simple token count, Text A incorporates 42 phrases manifesting unhistorical gender agreement, which account for 4.
The relevant phrases with feminine heads include 32% of constructions showing historical gender agreement.
Therefore, in this group unhistorical gender agreement can be seen in 9.
Sociolinguistic analysis of gender agreement in article/noun combinations in Mexican American Spanish in Texas.
Gender agreement in Spanish-English language mixing: A preliminary study.