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Synonyms for gender



Synonyms for gender

a grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives

the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles

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This act of including gender identity and gender expression as prohibited grounds indicates recognition of the specific challenges the trans and gender variant community face.
Chwarae Teg has worked with 54 schools across Wales to provide tailored training, support and resources to create gender-inclusive learning environments that encourage both boys and girls to engage equally in all activities and interests rather than focus on those typical of their gender.
Within the framework of this programme, the EU delegation in Rwanda has elaborated a Gender Mainstreaming Strategy for the EC budget support to the Agriculture Sector in Rwanda (SBSP Agriculture) with the aim to ensure that gender is mainstreamed in the programme.
A key challenge for donors is to ensure that gender is, and remains, a development priority in an era of 'priority overload' in development policy, and globalization.
Walker for the tremendous work they do in the field to empower women and men in their communities," says ACDI/VOCA President Carl Leonard, who presented them with the Advancing Gender Equity Award.
The theoretical discussion and studies of gender role behaviors give an insight into how they develop and the roles biological and experimental factors play in their development.
However, a gender analysis of the macroeconomic framework requires gender disaggregated data although inferences can be made even in the absence of GDD.
Before they're administered a test, women who are made to activate gender stereotypes such as the "girls are bad at math" cliche (though other, less blatant examples have been known to work as well) generally perform worse than those for whom the stereotypes aren't activated.
At the same time, the important role of gender and ethnicity in students' academic performance has also been well documented (Xu, 2006; Xu & Corno, 2003).
Childers' approach may be distilled in how she interprets the un-named "Husband" in Guillaume Apollinaire's "Les Mamelles de Tiresias" (The Breasts of Tiresias) as emblematic of the complex and frequently ambivalent relationship between gender roles and gender politics that constitutes the "silent historiography" of modern French paternity wherein the "links between gender identities and the public good were at the forefront of French debates on national decline, war, population growth.
A statement from the Department of Work and Pensions said: "The Gender Recognition Act gives transsexual people the right to gain legal recognition in their acquired gender.
Gender identity refers to how a student defines him or herself--male or female--while gender expression refers to behavior or style of dress.
People who identify as gender-queer," says Lydia Sausa, a trainer at the California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center, "are blending and blurring and living outside of gender dichotomies.
This qualitative research project investigated male blue-collar workers' understanding of health determinants, gender issues related to health, and workplace health promotion.
Your fresh design and photography are superb, but you are also really pushing the envelope, addressing vital issues like race and gender without fear of stirring controversy.