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French police force

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A General Staff statement said the gendarmery battalion fulfilled their duties and responsibilities with full courage, endeavor and self-sacrifice within the framework of given orders when they were responding to a terrorist attack in Silvan town of the southeastern province of Diyarbakir on July 14.
Terrorists opened fire from inside the crowd to nearby gendarmery and security department buildings as well as police check points, personnel houses and the building of commando troops.
Sahin was appointed to Diyarbakir Gendarme Regional Command from Silvan Fourth Tactic Gendarmery Regiment Command.
Isik Kosaner, Gendarmery Commander Necdet Ozel and National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Undersecretary Hakan Fidan.
Ankara Chief Prosecutor's Office had earlier said, "JITEM was established with the initiative of the Gendarmery General Command, and independently from the General Staff and Interior Ministry.
The statement said that the name of Gendarmery Intelligence Group Command which was set up in 1987 was changed in 1988, stating that it became Gendarmery Intelligence and Combating Terrorism Group Command (JITEM).
A new unit, comprised of experts from the police, gendarmery and intelligence forces, should be established in the fight against terror," said Laciner.
Gendarmery, National Intelligence Agency (MIT) and police, at the same time, recorded the conversation as ''soldiers are passing by you, what are you waiting for?