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French police force

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Contract notice: Global sectoral market for the construction of the new Beausset gendarmerie barracks.
The FIEP is an association of national gendarmeries or affiliated corps.
Units from the E[pounds sterling]rgE-p District Gendarmerie Commandership conducted the MustafapaE-a village-based operation against drug dealers following an instruction issued by the chief public prosecutor.
In remarks before his departure, Hawatmeh said taking the security job is "an achievement at the international level made under the guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the supreme commander, and his relentless support for the gendarmerie forces".
During the search on Thursday, gendarmerie discovered a dead body belonging to ysa BaE-ol.
EDIRNE, Jul 13, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish gendarmerie seized 6.
Summary: Rabat - Two people were killed in a Gendarmerie helicopter crash which occurred early on Wednesday.
Contract notice: Acquisition of vehicles in favor of the gendarmerie command of guyana.
28 (Petra) -- Director-General of the Gendarmerie department Maj.
Les services de la Gendarmerie nationale de la wilaya d'Alger ont mobilise 1.
While some of the vehicles fell into the irrigation channels, Turkish gendarmerie units arrived at the scene and provided help those stranded people.
Gendarmerie received a tip that a drug cartel would transport heroin from the eastern province of Van to western countries.
Summary: Rabat - The Gendarmerie Royale of Erfoud (east of Morocco) seized around 9.
9 (Petra)-- The Main wanted suspect in the killing of Gendarmerie officer Nart Nafesh, who was killed in 2014 while carrying out his duty, was killed early Tuesday in a pre-dawn raid carried out by security agents in Maan .