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ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Cumhuriyet daily on Thursday published photos showing a violent confrontation between gendarmes and intel operatives who were transporting illegal arms to opposition groups in Syria on trucks operated by the National Intelligence Organization (MyT).
Lot 45, the Saint Ballado-Charm A Gendarme colt, is knocked down for $4 million in the Keeneland sales ring on Monday night
The Landjager is highly suitable for provisions in an isolated alpine hut, provided there is a large stock of beer to quench the thirst provoked by this extremely salty Monsieur le Gendarme.
Summary: Laayoune - A gendarme and an element of the auxiliary forces died, Monday, of their injuries, after security forces intervened to set free old people, women and children who were in the Gdim Izik camp, local hospital sources reported.
A Florida Bar member and county commissioner in Tallahassee, author Mark Mustian describes in his latest novel The Gendarme what happens when you look back on your life and see a person you don't recognize: your old self.
A selected group of the Jordanian sports stars represented the clubs of AL-Faisali, Al- Wihdat, Shabab Al- Urdon, Al- Yarmouk, Al- Hussein Irbid, and AL-Albaq'a, in addition to the Jordanian Gendarme Sports Association, and the promising youth of GAM participated in the event.
Acting on a tip off, gendarme forces of Kocaeli launched an operation on a car and seized 10.
Arthur Bostrom, the vowelmangling gendarme Crabtree in 'Allo 'Allo, is Ugly Sister Esmerelda Hardup while zany comedian Herbie Adams is Buttons.
Seromba was charged with directing militia that "attacked with traditional arms and poured fuel through the roof of the church, while gendarme and communal police launched grenades and killed the refugees.
Famous for his "Good Moaning" catchphrase while in character as the French gendarme in the hit TV series, he will lead the carnival procession through the streets of Nuneaton on Saturday, June 17.
A mounted gendarme with bandoleers of ammunition crossing his chest ordered her to swim across the river or be shot on the spot.
Television star Arthur Bostrum, who played the bungling French gendarme in the 'Allo 'Allo comedy series and who is appearing in panto in Bedworth this Christmas, will be switching on the lights.
If Friday night's incident, in which a photographer was attacked, was not bad enough, the wedding day itself brought difficulties for the Gendarme and angered residents of the French village.
And he criticized Arafat's administration of the West Bank and Gaza, denouncing him for corruptness and for brutality, for acting as an Israeli gendarme, for selling Palestinians short.