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Turkey had on Monday sent a number of other police troops and gendarmes to Afrin.
The doorman's claim that gendarmes visited the building was confirmed by the detection of signals from two gendarmes' phones near Dink's apartment, Al Jazeera Turk reported.
A pick-up truck from the gendarmerie drove-up the street and seven gendarmes stormed out carrying rifles.
The Gendarme officers in West Cameroon were often accused of arrogance and more often than not, brutalising the people.
Orphaned Zainab al-Hilli, seven, regained consciousness in hospital where she is being guarded by a dozen armed gendarmes.
The gendarme service in Chamonix says they were alerted around 5:25 am on Thursday to the avalanche on Mont Maudit, part of the Mont Blanc range.
The suspect, a 25-year-old man, has been arrested in the village of Collobrieres for the murder of the two gendarmes, ages 29 and 35.
France: A suspect was arrested during a massive manhunt early Monday after a man shot dead two female paramilitary gendarmes with one of their own pistols in a village in southeast France.
A Toyota jeep exploded after it was driven at the perimeter wall of the gendarme base at 7:48 a.
Summary: Laayun - A gendarme and an element of the auxiliary forces died, Monday, of their injuries, after security forces intervened to set free old people, women and children who were in the Gdim Izik camp, local hospital sources reported.
The Gendarme by Mark Mustian is not a typical lawyer-authored novel.
A selected group of the Jordanian sports stars represented the clubs of AL-Faisali, Al- Wihdat, Shabab Al- Urdon, Al- Yarmouk, Al- Hussein Irbid, and AL-Albaq'a, in addition to the Jordanian Gendarme Sports Association, and the promising youth of GAM participated in the event.
Acting on a tip off, gendarme forces of Kocaeli launched an operation on a car and seized 10.
Arthur Bostrom, the vowelmangling gendarme Crabtree in 'Allo 'Allo, is Ugly Sister Esmerelda Hardup while zany comedian Herbie Adams is Buttons.
Seromba was charged with directing militia that "attacked with traditional arms and poured fuel through the roof of the church, while gendarme and communal police launched grenades and killed the refugees.