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a crystalline rock that can be cut and polished for jewelry

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embraces the newly expanded opportunity to assist its Clientele of: Wholesalers, Dealers, Luxury Retailers, Jewelry Designers and Private Clientele in creating and enhancing acquired conflict-free certified rare white loose colorless diamonds, loose natural colored fancy diamonds, diamond rough and gemstones into classic refined jewelry utilizing distinctive modern and traditional settings and designs in solid: 18 karat white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, green gold and platinum.
The country could multiply its current gemstone export if the reserves were properly tapped as the country's gemstone is of high-quality.
The chairman said if the government provide special machinery and training to the traders then they can explore precious gemstones from different mines of Gilgit Baltistan.
Gemstone will become the preferred management company for future acquisitions by the Gencom companies that do not contractually require management by the brand.
Such beliefs have seen sales of these gems skyrocket," said Abdullah Al-Harbi, a salesman at a gemstone shop in Jeddah.
Pakistan is blessed with vast natural reserves of precious, semi-precious and coloured gemstones, including ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline garnet, topaz, peridot, aquamarine, spinel, pargasite, diopsite, moonstone, serpentine, jade, epidote, pink beryl (morganite), goshnite, sphene, zoisite, turquoise, epitite, agite and almost all known varieties of quartz.
Gemstone facials can scientifically balance one's energy level, which will significantly elevate one's lifestyle and mood,'' she explained.
The demand for diamonds and other gemstones has substantially increased over the past years as global investors look for hard assets as a potential safe haven from the degradation of fiat currency, said by Paul Zimnisky, co-founder and CEO of PureFunds.
Magmatic hydrothermal processes are mainly responsible for the formation of gemstones in these pegmatites.
The Y filed its lawsuit in August, asking that a judge order Gemstone to reimburse the nonprofit.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-14 November 2007-Azul Systems and GemStone Systems announce partnership(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Law enforcement authorities have identified gemstone and jewelry smuggling operations run by organized crime, and jewelry store thefts linked to organized crime are not uncommon.
These beautiful gemstone globes are made from hundreds of hand-cut, hand shaped semi precious gemstones making up the countries of the world.
For $2 per pound, tourists can go into the five-acre material waste site and find their own gemstone with tools provided by the owners.
Like pearls, amber is another organic gemstone created by a living thing--a tree.