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  • noun

Synonyms for gem

Synonyms for gem

someone or something considered exceptionally precious

Synonyms for gem

art highly prized for its beauty or perfection


Related Words

a crystalline rock that can be cut and polished for jewelry

a person who is as brilliant and precious as a piece of jewelry

a sweet quick bread baked in a cup-shaped pan

a precious or semiprecious stone incorporated into a piece of jewelry

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At Gemmy, we develop fun, interactive items with an eye on pop culture icons," says Jason McCann, President of Gemmy Industries.
Munyan, "and we believe that, as a result of this transaction, Gemmy will be able to enhance its product offerings.
Into this region of sharp boundary lines and stark antitheses comes Gemmy Fairley, a borderline character suggested by the historical Gemmy Morril, who appears to the three white children at the novel's beginning as something unclassifiable within their fixed categories: half man and half beast, half black and half white, half here and half there, "neither one thing nor the other" (2).
About VARIDESK The VARIDESK (TM) concept was created within the walls of Gemmy Industries, a Dallas-based company founded in 1984 and best known for its groundbreaking designs and innovations in consumer products, seasonal decor, LED lighting and entertainment technology.
So, when Gemmy Fairley approaches the boundary fence of the Queensland settlement in which most of Remembering Babylon is set "one day in the middle of the nineteenth century,"(3) it is to reclaim the birthright of two worlds.
Choose from nine holiday-themed inflatables by Gemmy Industries Corporation, from $29.
I had Gemmy my last dog cremated when she died in 1992 and I have her ashes in the safe.
Gregory, Malouf found an account of a certain Gemmy Morril.
97) -- Gemmy Holiday Light Show Pathway Markers (Item #18710, $24.
The Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2007 also projects colors that are muted versions of gemmy colors.
14 Fisher-Price Ellie Bagli, Freeman Public Relations (973) 470-0400 Franklin Sports Chuck Quinn (781) 344-1111 Gemmy Industries Joe Pellettieri (972) 538-4200 KiddieLand Kenneth Lo 01 852 2116 3019 Kidz Craze Tina Agostinello (516) 931-3600 Jakks Pacific Genna Rosenberg (310) 455-6235 Hasbro Games Pat Riso (413) 526-2703 Lego Michael McNally (860) 763-6731 Little Kids Jim Engle (401) 454-7600 Little Tikes Frank Shorf (330) 650-3180 Mattel Tami Cole (310) 252-3921 Moose Mountain Ron Lokos (973) 884-8900 Play-Doh Courtney Curzi (617) 437-7722 Playhut Maggie Young (818) 591-0093 Spin Master Adam Beder (416) 364-6002 Ty Scott Wehrs (630) 455-7716 Upper Deck Claudine Ricanor PR Manager (760) 603-7458 Vtech Julia Fitzgerald (847)-400-3512 What Kids Want Jordan Kort (818) 775-0375
Gemmy Industries Giant Airblown(TM) Inflatable -- Just the thing for casting a holiday glow, Lowe's has a large selection of giant holiday inflatables, including Santa, snowmen and reindeer.
The initial product launch with licensing partners Gemmy, Kelly Toy, Mezco and Aquarius has established a foundation for Family Guy product at retail as Fox prepares for a more expansive product launch this Spring.