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the physically discrete element that Darwin proposed as responsible for heredity

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White and green sponges were observed in both rivers and contained numerous basal gemmules near attachment with substrate.
Nor could he describe how gemmules were modified, how they were "thrown off," or even what they were.
Such inferences included the notion that cells throw off gemmules, these gemmules are carried through the body, they multiply by division, and they are transmitted from generation to generation in the dormant state, finally coming together in the ovaries and testes.
In the fall and winter months, the larger framework of the sponge deteriorates and gemmules form.
Absolute space, absolute time, phlogiston, and gemmules were at one time deemed essential; more recendy, dark matter and dark energy have been added.
Darwin even proposed a Lamarkian form of inheritance called gemmules which gave a kind of environmental feed back into the genome of organisms (Darwin, C.
the board, with Dalton's odd atoms, Darwin's gemmules and Lamarck's
Sponge identification is based largely on spicule morphology and care was taken to collect specimens bearing gemmules, as well as somatic tissue.