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asexual reproduction in which a local growth on the surface or in the body of the parent becomes a separate individual

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Growths, shaped by the wind and weather, gemmate in arbitrary directions and give rise to surprising and exquisite nature landscapes--landscapes that are experienced in slow change, all the while that the form is being fixed in the fired clay.
0 * * * POLEN Y ESPORAS DISTANCIA Gemmate Baculatisporites Psilatricolporites A LA BASE grains sp 2 spp.
The type species of Herpetopoma, Euchelus scabriusculus Adams & Angas in Angas, 1867, from southern and south-eastern Australia, is a small gemmate species with a simple, open umbilicus bordered by a strongly beaded spiral cord.
Accessory setae P1a, P2[alpha] and P3a short, P5 gemmate on mesonotum and minute on metanotum (Fig.
Accessory seta P1[alpha] longer than P2[alpha] and P3a; P5 gemmate on mesonotum, minute on metanotum.