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On Friday it was confirmed to be Gemma by her brother Danny via Twitter.
But Gemma, who is expecting a baby boy in July, experienced complications with her pregnancy and was advised not to fly.
At one point, Carr said to Gemma, 'If you don't shut up, we are going to stab your gran to death.
Gemma says: "It was fun because she was just wearing high-waisted asymmetric pants, brogues and a cardy when I met her.
Gemma Biggin, above, died with new boyfriend Stephen Abbott when their car careered into the canal; Stephen Abbott
When Gemma returned property was really shooting up in price, so we waited to see if the market would stabilise.
It has been the best Christmas ever because this is what I have wished for all my life,' said Gemma.
Gemma, a coffee shop manager, said: "Stephen was over the moon and it was great to see him so happy.
But as Gemma throws herself into her new start with Simon, will she be able to keep the green-eyed monster at bay?
Paul, 42, and 30-year-old Gemma, who live in Kenton, Newcastle, would never have met had it not been for the airline.
But Gemma is a strong woman, she has been through a lot and won't let this get her down.
KIRKLEES College joinery apprentice Gemma Howell scooped a national award after being nominated by her employer.