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the doubling of a word or phrase (as for rhetorical effect)

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the act of copying or making a duplicate (or duplicates) of something


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To conform to the minimality condition, monomoraic loan words undergo two processes: short vowel lengthening and final consonant gemination (cf.
Key Words: Gemination, Fusion, Supernumerary teeth, Double tooth.
The phenomenon of gemination occurs when two teeth develop from one single bud leading to a larger tooth.
DISCUSSION: The morphology of fusion has to be differentiated from similar developmental anomalies of the tooth like gemination for successful endodontic and esthetic management.
The data given above illustrates that vowel mapping restricted to the long vowels /i a u/ as the gemination of the last consonant segments takes place while the long vowels /e o/ do not have their counterpart short vowels as a result there is no gemination of the last consonant segment on concatenating the causative suffix `a' with the imperative verb forms.
26 TABLE 2--Percentage of germination (PG), mean gemination time (MGT) and mean germination rate (MGR) of seeds of sweet granadilla for accessions PrJ2, PrJ 1 and yellow passion fruit, grown in peat substrate in greenhouse conditions in La Plata (Colombia) PG (%) PrJl PrJ2 Yellow passion fruit [50GA.
Consonants have gemination and sequential forms in both languages.
A gemination of /m/ was also recorded: vyar-e xr-em-ma.
The topics covered include consonant gemination, syntactic doubling, the distinction between /s/ and /z/, the clusters/pl/, /fl/, /kl/, the gorgia toscana, and voicing (among others).
in the word for 'water') and in the western dialects of Danish (the so-called vestjysk stod) and is reflected as preaspiration in Icelandic and Faroese (as well as in northern Scandinavian dialects) and under certain conditions as gemination (and sometimes affrication) in all North and West Germanic languages.
Fusion is the union between dentine and/or enamel of two or more separate developing teeth, whilst gemination is the partial development of two teeth from a single tooth bud following incomplete division.
Assuming that (possibly emergent) bans on gemination and resyllabification, not shown here, prevent the immediately preceding consonant from serving as the onset of the syllable headed by -o:-, CORR-C Morpheme-Init C Morpheme-Init favors the candidate in (b) over the candidate in (a) which copies from a closer, but not a morpheme-initial, onset.
dysplasia, anadontia, supernumerary teeth, microdontia, hypodontia, fusion, gemination, amelogenesis imperfecta, others.
11): this seems to mean that Gothic lacks consonant gemination, which separates it from the other languages.
2000) only achieved 0-10% gemination on filter paper in petri dishes under an oscillating light and temperature regime, but Cameron et al.