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one who cuts and shapes precious stones

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A gem cutter is limited only by his imagination," says Brackna, "and by the shape of the rough.
Depending upon the internal structure of the stone, a single color or two colors will be visible, helping the gem cutter determine what kind of stone it is.
Using wax, the gem cutter glues the stone to a small stainless steel rod called a dopstick, which is then positioned in a mechanical arm at a fixed angle above the lap.
Exotic Gems has already arranged meetings between UC Hub's management and various gem cutters and distributors.
An army of 20,000 stonemasons, gem cutters, marble fitters and labourers, who toiled for 22 years, built it.
Gem cutters bring out the inner beauty of gems by creating small polished surfaces on the stone called facets, which play a trick with light.
Eleanor ran the family business Sutherland Gem Cutters, in Assynt, where she and Northumberlandborn Mark, who ran an outdoor shop, moved after meeting when they both worked in Edinburgh.
For gem cutters there are two chapters (respectively by Karl Fischer and Michael O'Donoghue) on how this most sensitive of all gem substances is polished, mounted and protected.
Adopting Da Vinci's principles, gem cutters had used hand cranked lapidary wheels for several centuries, and a drawing of apparatus similar to that featured on Maydwell & Windle's 1760 trade card appeared in Hertel's glassworker's manual Vollstandige Anseisung zum GlasScheiffen, published in 1716.
From May 3 through 5, jeweler Harry Winston will stage his largest-ever Western showing, with gem cutters working in the museum foyer.
Alistir Tait, was asked to sell the stones which were donated by expert gem cutters from all over the UK.
The display that attracted gem cutters the most was a simple arrangement by Mineral Trust of five sections of what had been a huge aquamarine crystal found in Brazil decades ago.
The first iolite gems were cut by master gem cutters and designers, Bruce MacLellan of Mountain Gems Ltd.
Cochrane also met with potential gem cutters, dealers and marketers in Israel to organize for the marketing and distribution of the stones to be produced from the mine.