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a type of dynamite in which the nitroglycerin is absorbed in a base of wood pulp and sodium or potassium nitrate


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I'm told by these former explosive experts that every medium-sized coal mine locally would have been exploding about a quarter of a ton of gelignite every week and the larger coal mines about at least half a ton of gelignite every week or 25 tons of high explosives every year.
He added: "It has transformed this area and I'm sure the cakes, plugs and exploding gelignite will bring a smile to the faces of people for years to come.
And that required more than 1300 sticks of gelignite and six kilometres of flash cord.
Suspecting it to be a bomb he swiftly dumped the package in a bucket of water, knowing that this would render the gelignite charge useless.
Further evidence can be gleaned from 2005, when the third-round winners comprised: Droopys Marco (Fraser Black), Blue Majestic (Graham), Velvet Rebel (Lister), Geldrops Touch (Owen McKenna), Ballymac Niloc (Carly Philpott), Count Gelignite (Sean Bourke), Lenson Thierry (Seamus Cahill) and Toms View (Phil McComish).
ONE of the alleged July 21 bombers has admitted making all the home-made devices, described in court yesterday as being as powerful as TNT or gelignite.
As wake-up calls go, this was like a stick of gelignite in a biscuit tin.
He planted the timer - taken from a video recorder - and the gelignite behind a panel in the bathroom of Room 629 - five floors above the suite to be occupied by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
He was sent to London and provided with delayed timing detonators and 25 pounds of a powerful mining explosive called Frangex gelignite.
It is also a triumph of stamina and clarity over forces that have for a quarter-century endeavored to infantilize the Irish struggle as a comic strip slugfest--Punch and Judy with gelignite and rubber bullets.
5 in (114 mm) diameter holes are charged with gelignite and Anfo and initiated by Superflex.
Gelignite Communications, a new Atlanta-based marketing communications firm dedicated to serving the needs of business-to-business oriented companies in the United States, Canada and worldwide, announced today that it has been hired to provide media relations support to Miami-based The Impression Group South.
The Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) detonated two six-pound gelignite bombs at two pubs, The Horse and Groom and The Seven Stars in Guildford, Surrey.
It was built around 1870 as a steam mill and demolished in 1970 over 4 days taking 256lbs of gelignite.
After their debut single You Do Nothing For Me - a stick of gelignite in scabrous guitar form - did a pretty effective job of announcing their arrival, their latest offering the Under The Strobelight EP summons forth both light and dark, fitting the metaphor of the iron fist in the velvet glove perfectly On Swansea to Hornsey (which documents the wanderlust that led them to leave Wales) and Very Thin they pull away, pare it back and craft two ornate gems demonstrating a sensitivity a world away from the snarling anger management.