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Synonyms for gelid

Synonyms for gelid

extremely cold

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I would reach into a cool gelid murk, leaning forward, straining for purchase, farther and farther and finding nothing, not even the back wall of the safe, until my arm up to the shoulder had been swallowed, then my face, and finally me, whole.
The gun is reachable through the upper front of the garment, but the coat shields it from scratchy brush, rust-inducing rain and snow and icy cold that can turn the lubricant inside gelid and compromise the handgun's function.
Suddenly we are there, in this empty gallery, on a freezing morning, watching this man dust antiquities in the gelid light.
Using as his source a series of oft-reproduced photographs taken during Shackleton's journey, he convincingly renders dark, gelid waters and snow in its myriad forms, from shimmering powder to icy, chalklike chunks.
The gelid wind has another cause, but you will not know it, not even surmise it, for another five minutes or so.
His attention span may be somewhat limited--he prefers skimming along crystalline surfaces to probing gelid depths--but his voice is so engaging and his writing so crisp that I was usually happy to keep him company wherever he zigzagged.
Gelid kalla osteoporozu oldukla nadir gorulen ve henuz etiyolojisi tam olarak aliklanamamis bir hastaliktir.
BONHEUR: A BRIEF ESSAY Thus there was a certain poverty of sheetless beds, the gelid climate of a room sans radiateur in the youth hostel.
Salad" is the wrong name for a deep-fried flour tortilla shell filled with lettuce, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gelid, cheese, fried tortilla strips, and chicken.
Winter was dark and flat, without leaves: only ice, frost and the gelid moon.
BECAUSE ALL ITS DOORS AREOCKED, I can imagine our Blue Ridge shack as empty of people but peopled in the pellucid, gelid air with many of the implements with which we share this space during the summer.
En in die voorste gelid van al die aktiwiteite staan Natasha.
Lockhart DJ, Dong H, Byrne MC, Follettie MT, Gelid MV, Chee MS, et al.
t]he cafeteria's gelid neon light; the viscous skin of milk that floated on a nauseating, lukewarm cafe con leche, which I sipped nevertheless; the stench of benzene and the dull roar of motors at the bus stop in front of Coppelia; the embedded smell of sweat given off by the armpit of my clean dress when I raised a hand toward the greasy bar; the slow greeting, like an awakening slug, of the penis some Cuban man was pressing against my buttocks under cover of the crammed guagua .
According to Gelid Zastrow, Bobcat's loader product specialist, the mini tracked loader is highly utilized in the landscaping market because of its compact (72.