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(of a male animal) having the testicles removed

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North Yorkshire-based Bycroft insisted he had done nothing wrong, saying: "I marked that Danum Dancer had been gelded on my monthly return to the BHA, just the same as I've always done with other horses that have been gelded.
Referring to the R Woody case, which is currently being handled by the disciplinary panel, Struthers said a stiffer penalty is likely to be meted out to Jewell because she had nominated being gelded as an explanation for her charge's sudden improvement in form.
RUNNERS winning their first start after being gelded has been a recurring theme this Flat season.
Brian Meehan has been demonstrating his ability at recognising which types will benefit for being gelded as he trained both Manassas and Swift Gift, who won at 22-1 and 25-1, although before this season he had achieved mixed results at gaining instant success with those on their first starts back from a gelding operation as those two winners improved his record since the start of the 2006 season to four winners from 51 runners.
MAD RUSH has been gelded and may not head out to Australia for a second attempt at the Melbourne Cup on November 3.
Cumani said: "Mad Rush was gelded when he came back from Australia on the request of his owner, and has been happy since the operation.
It definitely had a lot to do with having him gelded at the start of the year.