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  • verb

Synonyms for gelatinize

to change or be changed from a liquid into a soft, semisolid, or solid mass

Synonyms for gelatinize

coat with gelatin

Related Words

become gelatinous or change into a jelly

convert into gelatinous form or jelly

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Light and scanning electron microscope studies on dry beans: intracellular gelatinization of starch in cotyledons of large Lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus).
Gelatinization is a very important phase transition and is used to describe the molecular behavior of starch and relate it to the heat and moisture content [46], DSC analysis also indicates the amount of energy, more specifically, the enthalpy, required for a state transition.
The derivatives formed have distinguished characteristics such as gelatinization, fluid viscosity, fluid paste stability, chemical resistance, and other applications.
Oxidized starches were prepared from seven starches and analyzed for gelatinization and pasting properties.
The phenomenon occurred through the disruption and gelatinization of the starch polymer chains at a specific critical temperature [6].
Other important properties of starch that affect its utilization in the food and textile industries include solubility, pasting properties which include its gelatinization, particle size and colour.
11), starch was defined as the amount of glucose after gelatinization and incubation of the cereal with [alpha]-amylase and amyloglucosidase.
The increase in IVSD may be due to the rupturing of starch granules or gelatinization of starch which is readily attacked by alpha- amylase enzymes [17].
9:30 272 Effect of Heat and Shear on the Gelatinization of
55 Falling Number sec 300-650 300-550 FARINOGRAM Water Absorption % 53-58 62-65 Development Time minutes 2-10 5-10 Stability minutes 3-10 15-25 Tolerance Index BU 10-30 10-30 AMYLOGRAM Amylogram Peak BU 700-1800 1200-1800 Temp of gelatinization [degrees] C 59-62 59-62 GLUTEN Wet Gluten % 21-25 33-36 Dry Gluten % 7-8 11-12 Gluten Index % 90-99 90-99 Application Economical Premium multipurpose bread products: cakes, cookies, dry noodle Quality details Naga biru Beruang Biru Moisture 13-14 13-14 Protein (Nx5.
Other topics include factors affecting the enzymatic digestibility of potato starches, the physiochemical properties of oat starch extracted by different methods, gelatinization of starches in aqueous plant gum solutions, and fast detection of biochemical oxygen demand in wastewater.
Gelatinization temperatures of sweet potato starches are reported in the range of 58 to 84 ?
The starch only becomes useful as a thickener after the starch granules are heated and swell in an aqueous environment; a process called gelatinization.
Gelatinization and retrogradation of starch in foods and its implications for food quality