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a Japanese woman trained to entertain men with conversation and singing and dancing

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Spa owner Shizuka Bernstein, a Tokyo native married to an American, has been offering what she calls the Geisha Facial for about five years.
Dawn went from one extreme to another as she travelled to Japan to live with geishas, who have a strict no-sex rule.
Apprentice geishas called Meikos from the Festival of Japan organisation performed the ceremony all day.
The story revolves around a fishing village girl sold to a geisha house in Kyoto.
The ultimate footballer's wife, Victoria Beckham, has become the epitome of a modern-day Geisha.
It's holding a competition for the most authentic-looking geisha.
Directed by Rob Marshall ("Chicago"), "Memoirs" stars Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang as the geisha Sayuri.
But with Memoirs Of A Geisha so popular in the cinema, here's another chance to see the modern day life of the trainee geisha or maiko.
IT doesn't take a Zen master to work out that Memoirs Of A Geisha will glide its way on to a few nomination lists come the Oscar ceremony in March.
I always thought that geishas were Japanese, but apparently you folks decided to change their country of origin to China.
Behind the smiling faces and perfect grooming of geishas is a life of pain, stress, disappointment, limited opportunities, a narrow education, and hard work.
But, for anyone who's stuck on that first impression of Milroy's work, her new paintings will come as a complete surprise: Who would have expected her to end up making these loose, offbeat, cartoonlike paintings about a gaggle of geishas who seem to have stepped right out of the Floating World into an equally timeless American West?
Delicately hand-tinted prints show Japanese life in all its diversity, spectacle and vitality -- nuns, geishas, samurai, Sumo wrestlers, street performers, umbrella sellers, lantern makers, silk weavers, florists, fishermen and feudal lords are all captured in his enquiring gaze.