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a Japanese woman trained to entertain men with conversation and singing and dancing

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Breast cancer patient Joanne Jackson, above, has a full-sleeve Geisha girl on her left arm .
Despite being dressed to the nines in a see-through top, shorts, over the knee socks and stilettos (a combination which appeared to be a joint homage to geisha girls and panto dames), the 49-year-old Celebrity Big Brother star had a touch of stage-fright and flatly refused to perform.
It's off the beaten oath," with booths, a traditional Japanese tatami room, and staff dressed as geisha girls.
David Peace will visit the Barrack Street site on Monday, September 10 at 7pm to discuss his latest work, Tokyo Year Zero, a bleak story about the murder of Geisha girls in post-war Japan.
Close your eyes and imagine the bare wall on your condominium complex, or the facade of your new restaurant or car dealership, was wrapped with a gigantic oil painting--a collage of your favorite musicians blowing their horns around fiery trash cans on a late winter night; a Japanese garden replete with Geisha girls and cherry blossoms against a cool mountain backdrop; or any other design that tells the story of your building or will function as branding for your business.
Colourful collections included a plaid and tartan design, based on 1980s fashion and the work of Vivienne Westwood, a Soviet menswear collection inspired by the Russian military, a women's textile collection using African folk art with print and embroidery, and a Japanese dress collection using Geisha girls as an inspiration.
Highlights of Kyoto include the Higashi Honganji temple and the famous geisha girls who, if you are lucky, can be spotted in full dress after dusk in the beautiful old backstreets of Kyoto between Kamo-gawa and Yasaka-jinja in the Gion district.
Ellen Kent's production is set in Nagasaki, though that's where the first confusion arises: Butterfly and the supporting geisha girls are all dressed in traditional kimonos, but the white suits worn by Pinkerton and the American consul, Sharpless, betray more of the 1940s, which makes it difficult not to feel that the whole thing is overlooking history somewhat.
Q DO you know anywhere in the UK where I can find a non-Shoji paper, Oriental-style folding screen (by this I mean one with pictures of geisha girls or cherry blossom etc) for my bedroom?
Close behind in the movie-influence race is Memoirs of a Geisha, in which stunning kimonos in sumptuous silks were worn by successful Geisha girls.
The Asian mystique; dragon ladies, geisha girls, & our fantasies of the exotic Orient.
Westerners have long harbored many images of the Orient, from fabled Geisha girls to illusions of the male mystique as effeminate and asexual: illusions which affect communications, relationships, and even professional perspectives.
In a world of breweries, geisha girls, and art mistresses, sex seems to be part of the corporate formula.
Left - Eddie Boulton (Promoter), Loretta Franklin; Below - Geisha Girls, Abi Douglas, Martina Randles
Along with classic wooden buildings, exquisite arts and crafts, and young geisha girls in pretty kimonos, the long tradition of Kyoto Japanese cuisine adds to this old city's charm.