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a man who is (usually) old and/or eccentric

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Geezer thinks it is unlikely Black Sabbath will play together again - because it would be unfair on the team of around 40 people who put their shows together.
At sporting events, during the playing of the National Anthem, old geezers remove their caps and stand up and sing without embarrassment.
My best Geezer story is that I went to have dinner with him in LA about three years ago - it was at a vegan restaurant and we had to be there at 6pm.
Joe Cole speaks like a geezer - I now know a 'geezer' is like a cool guy.
It's wholly deserved as not only do they have a career to celebrate, but Ozzy, Geezer and Tony blasted back with a brilliant new album in 2013 that reminded us all how it should be done.
We now have just Julius Geezer left as he wasn't claimed after his win, but he will be running again shortly.
Many of your best customers, enthusiastic gun collectors and shooters are getting older--and becoming, like myself, "gun geezers.
Geezer, I love him, but he's always on about something," Contactmusic quoted him as having said.
The Complete Geezer Guidebook: Everything You Need to Know About Being Old and Grumpy" is a humorous exploration on how to be old and hate every second of it.
You guys said the old geezer would have his day in the sun, but this old geezer might just win this trophy again.
Chelsea's Frank Lampard tells of the geezer culture at Stamford Bridge.
Meanwhile, Jonathan (Rafe Spall), who's engaged to Lucy's equally sensuous confidante Mina (Stephanie Leonidas), is dispatched to Transylvania to meet Dracula (Marc Warren), whom we first meet as an old panting geezer with long stringy hair, yellowing claws for fingernails and a predilection for sucking on photographs of pretty young things.
I am not going to say whether I'm some young buck who has no idea what he's talking about or some geezer who thinks everything was better back in the day, because my age will distract from the real point of this letter.