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a word for horse used by children or in adult slang

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MG - Madonna (1) wants it all LIL - How to do it, by Level 42 RTM - Bob and Bing head for North Africa ADATR - Marx Brothers watch the gee-gees LB - Fire
Most mornings there'd be poo on the intercom, wee-wee in the stairwell and gee-gees in the lift - the local "yoot" having taken to bringing horses from the city zoo home with them whenever it was "two-for-one" night at the nearby Wetherspoons.
The Gee-Gees offers slot action with nudge and hold functionality on a typical lapper board with Feature and Nudge stacks and a cash pot.
RACING mad Claire King, well it IS the Sport of Kings, reckons that if she didn't have to act for a living, she'd love to spend all her time betting on the gee-gees.
Alex Morrison, 72, and his pal Frank Gibson, 70, cracked open the champagne when they struck it lucky on the gee-gees last Saturday.
In the Westminster village, this journalist enjoys something of a reputation as an expert on the gee-gees.
28 Gee-gees go at Doncaster, Musselburgh, Newbury and Wolverhampton.
INSIDER isn't too sure whether Derek Hatton lost his shirt or scooped a packet on the gee-gees at Chester Races, but he certainly looks like a man who's backed a winner.
After his recent love of dogs, Mart C moves onto the gee-gees, from the Clydesdales he has on his own farm to ones in Italian vineyards, American ones delivering beer and some that help out in shrimp fishing.
vvGet a bit of culture for yourself, without having to move away from the gee-gees.
Morrison played this past season with the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees.
People in the Rhondda in the 1920s thought of debt, together with the demon drink, fornication and betting on the gee-gees, as signposts on the road to ruin in this world, and hell fire in the next.
Sorry wee man, bookies pay out on the result at the end of 90 minutes of any match - basically a footie version of first past the post at the gee-gees - so I'm afraid the original result still has to stand.
My old West Ham team-mate Clive Clarke - who's now at Sunderland but on loan at Coventry - knew I liked the gee-gees so he introduced me to top horse trainer Tommy Stack.
If you fancy putting a tenner on the gee-gees, you can sign up for a night at the races and raise money for charity.