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Synonyms for gee

a unit of force equal to the force exerted by gravity


Related Words

turn to the right side

Related Words

give a command to a horse to turn to the right side

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I could perhaps tolerate a little bit of mixed-up editorial belching, but gee whiz, Brian Doherty: "cornpone hokum" in Branson, Missouri, that "difficult little state.
Gee whiz, it's not the first time he's disappointed me.
TVs selling for up to $10,000 are all the rage with area homeowners and consumers eager to enjoy a new generation of TVs that incorporate the latest gee whiz technologies.
1) Moshe Cohen, 4, left, snacks on popcorn as he and his father, Meir Cohen, discuss taking on the Gee Whiz ride (behind them) Sunday at the Purim festival held at Temple Judea.
But the tragedy of our times is that here's Marv Albert, for better or worse, cleared of a sexual assault but being vilified and made fun of in every corner for the same behavior that, gee whiz, Dennis Rodman wrote two books about and Madonna used to sell CDs.