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any of various small chiefly tropical and usually nocturnal insectivorous terrestrial lizards typically with immovable eyelids

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TRAVELLER: This tiny gecko turned up at Cannon Hall Farm Shop
A lot of people in the provinces have been hunting for geckos, locally known as tuko, because buyers have offered 3 million pesos (Dh254,000) for a 400-gram gecko.
MEET the new addition to a pupils' menagerie - a giant Madagascan day gecko.
They are accused of not attending regularly to three leopard geckos and failing to isolate a sick bearded dragon.
SOME OF YOU MAY BE sharing your house or garden with a charming gecko or two.
Chambers says the origins of groups such as the New Zealand geckos, cicadas and parakeets can be described in terms of vicariance or dispersal.
Through the partnership, the geckos have traveled around the country to AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums, helping children understand the importance of preserving our environment.
com)-- Big Apple Pet Supply has announced that they have added Super Snow Leopard Geckos to their extensive reptile inventory.
19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Geckos are wizards at sticking to any kind of hard surface repeatedly.
Some geckos have only two tiny tabs for legs, so they wriggle like snakes.
Washington, April 2 ( ANI ): That geckos can scurry up walls, Spider-Man style, is a known fact.
The Philippine government has issued a warning Friday against using geckos as a remedy for both AIDS and impotence.