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any of various small chiefly tropical and usually nocturnal insectivorous terrestrial lizards typically with immovable eyelids

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A TINY gecko was found at a Manchester warehouse after travelling 'thousands of miles' from overseas in a shipment of beer.
Geckos are able to re-grow a new tail within 30 days, faster than any other type of lizard.
His daughter inspected the can and discovered two dead geckos inside, (https://consumermediallc.
Tokay geckos have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to treat cancer, asthma, diabetes, skin disorders and a range of ailments.
Geckos adhere to surfaces using setae located on their toes (Autumn et al.
Compared to reptiles lacking the wall-walking ability, geckos have more genes in the beta-keratin family, which prompts the formation of adhesive setae on their toes that help them cling to surfaces, said team leader Gu Xiaosong.
The dart frogs came to us from West Midland Safari Park and the geckos from Knowsley Safari Park.
Over a decade ago, a pair of studies asserted that geckos owe their stickiness to van der Waals forces (SN: 7/15/00, p.
The challenge to our performer team was to understand the biology and physics in play when geckos climb and then reverse-engineer those dynamics into an artificial system for use by humans.
There was no food or water inside the boxes, but the geckos were in good condition when RSPCA inspector Gary Lucas collected them.
Herein we present the first recorded sightings of Mediterranean geckos in Tennessee.
Dubai wildlife lover Ajmal Hasan has found one of the UAE's rarest geckos after a two-year personal quest to spot one in the wild.
Bold and bright illustrations capture the settings and unlikely adventures of ever-diminishing number of geckos in their house near the beach.
The majority of Tokay Geckos consumed as part of this trade are harvested from the wild," said a new TRAFFIC study.
10 ( ANI ): Geckos are known for their sticky adhesive toes that allow them to stick to, climb on, and run along surfaces in any orientation - even upside down - and until recently it was a mystery how they kept their unique ability even on wet surfaces.