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any of various small chiefly tropical and usually nocturnal insectivorous terrestrial lizards typically with immovable eyelids

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Hasan is one of only two people to have seen the common wonder gecko in its natural habitat.
Allozyme evidence for insularity in exotic populations of the Mediterranean gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus).
Reproductive cycle and colonization ability of the Mediterranean gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) in south-central Florida.
The gecko is now being cared for by an exotics specialist.
RSPCA animal collection officer Ellie West said she believed the animal was a Moorish Gecko - which can grow up to 15cm long.
Christophe Bancel, Gecko Biomedical's Chief Executive Officer said "We are truly appreciative of Bpifrance's support forour development activities.
Krappman however added that Gecko had placed notifications surrounding the project in the printed press and said that five public feedback meetings were held and stated that they were poorly attended.
The misconception over gecko adhesion dates back to 1934, says Yale University chemical engineer and study coauthor Hadi Izadi.
The real gecko foot hairs are scaled down to the nanometre level, with fibres so fine that significant bonding pressure can be achieved by taking advantage of the otherwise weak van der Waals force between molecules.
Amit Lahav, director of Institute and artistic director at Gecko, said: "Institute will pull you in and take you on a voyage.
Adhesive company Bostik has launched its new brand identity campaign with a bold outdoor ad that features a giant gecko clinging to the side of a nine-story Paris building on a route traveled by millions of motorists each day.
He added: "We are now looking for a male tokay gecko to form a breeding group.
As detailed in this week's edition of the Nature Communications journal, a team from Nantong University in Jiangsu Province sequenced the genome of a Schlegel's Japanese Gecko.
Auto Business News-October 21, 2015--Ford plans to use Gecko to produce new adhesive
Israeli Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has bought US-based respiratory disease compliance startup Gecko Health Innovations for an undisclosed amount.