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wheelwork consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by which force is transmitted or motion or torque is changed

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In mechanical power transmission by means of a geartrain, gear teeth deliver the power by rolling and sliding over each other.
The 'Star' Geartrain design was rejected because it is difficult to maintain and it is not possible to get enough ratio for high speed ac motors.
In addition to providing further experience in LEGO geartrain design, this assignment begins to raise significant design choices.
and consist of a brush type rare earth permanent magnet motor, a conventional spur geartrain, two bull gear / jackscrew combinations coupled together by a single spur gear, two drive nut/moveable output rams, and a feedback Rotary Variable Differential Transformer (RVDT).
The pressure- and flow-compensated pump, and a gear pump to supply the discharge conveyor motor, are driven off the auxiliary drives on the front geartrain of the engine.
The precision gearhead has a steel geartrain and is made for operating temperature up to 100[degrees]C.
The first thing that had to go, of course, was the connection to the geartrain.
Among the reusable parts were the cylinder block, geartrain and both camshafts, crankshaft, rod bearing and main bearings, overhead (crossheads, rocker levers, rocker shafts, cam followers and push rods), intake system and cylinder head guides.
The oil reservoir is positioned above, not below, the geartrain.
The Tier 3 engines feature robust, stiff structures of the core engine, which includes design features such as bedplate crankcase, rear geartrain and large-diameter crankshaft pins.
All of these components are of course exposed to greater shock loadings than the wheelmotor geartrain components, due to the characteristics of the motorised wheel gear reduction, and the inherent advantages in the control systems' ability to contour torque application, and the 'differential effect' of the electric drive system.
A conventional epicyclic geartrain consists of a central gear (the sun gear) around which several planet gears are mounted on a rotating carrier.
The enabling technology of this is a geartrain at the back of the engine," said Admir Kreso, Detroit Diesel engineer.
The Kubota 07 Series engines offer up to 100% power take-off (PTO) from a geartrain located on the flywheel side designed for compact positioning of PTO hydraulic devices.