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a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging gears

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Paul Newman backed my first play after a major theatre told me that no one would pay to see a play about lesbians," says Gearstick.
The interior is clean and simple, with the sand leather continued on the fascia, chrome around the instruments and black leather on the wheel and gearstick, which is short and sporty.
Meanwhile, Nick yesterday revealed boss Simon nearly caused a traffic accident in North London by moving the car gearstick as Caroline Flack - who co-presents X Factor with Olly Murs - drove the team to Wembley.
This year's plays, being performed on July 17-18, are John Maines' fashion industryinspired Party of Three; Gearstick, by Stuart Crowther in which the year is 2052 and being female is prohibited; Room Circus from C J Ehrlich,, and Wes Williams' comedy Glowboys.
Kate Kinninmont, chief executive of Women in Film and TV, said: "Peter Davison was a brilliant Doctor Who but I think his time travel gearstick has got stuck in reverse.
Inside there are black and red sports seats, a three-spoke leather steering wheel with red stitching, leather handbrake and gearstick gaiter with red stitching and matching floor mats while a two-tone grey and black dashboard adds to the appeal.
It had the obligatory radio and CD player, but aside from that it was a steering wheel, three pedals and a gearstick.
The model features revised taillamps and rear bumper, white illumination on the gauges, perforated leather seats, an updated automatic gearstick, Bluetooth audio, 5.
The vehicle has been unused for over 40 years and still has its original gearstick, floor-button starter, Dunlop tyres and Lucas battery from 1968.
He said she had been left angry by the driver twice telling her to move her leg away from the gearstick as he drove.
I would sooner cut off my gearstick than take to the wheel with that grim circle of yellow stars on my car.
You have to stir it along on the five-speed gearstick but that's no hardship either thanks to a very light clutch and a direct action.
Plugged in, it gives off a satisfying engine revving sound and then you can push the lever for more motor music and move the gearstick for more satisfying shifting sounds.
What's certain is the moment you set the 16-way adjustable front seats, move the easy-action auto gearstick into the drive position and grasp the steering wheel, you can be sure a magic carpet ride awaits.
You only have to look at the cabin's centre console,which is in the form of a 'flying bridge' supporting the gearstick to realise that the Auris has attitude.