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a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging gears

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GearShift hit it out of the park and also demonstrated a huge passion for our brand.
With seven-speed double clutch transmission as standard, maximum use can be made of the higher performance, and gearshift response times have been accelerated for a more sporting gear change.
The Sport version comes with sports ABS, traction control and Gearshift Assist, which is what bikers know as a quickshifter - you can change gear without closing the throttle or pulling in the clutch.
Inside there is a flatbottomed steering wheel, a leather gearshift and a standard tartan interior.
From the beginning of 2009 all new Focus models will have a gearshift indicator that tells the driver when to change gear.
Equipped as standard with BMW's intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive technology and Dynamic Performance Control, and mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with optimised gearshift dynamics, the BMW X6 enjoys unique agility, tracking stability, precision and traction in every situation, as well as optimised fuel economy for lower emissions and maximum power and performance.
And, with a light and positive dash-mounted gearshift, lively is how you'll feel driving what is a practical people carrier stuffed with storage space, state-of-the-art in-car DVD entertainment and five rear seats that fold to a perfect flat-bed.
Electrohydraulic range changing eliminates a gearshift linkage lever and allows clutchless forward/reverse power shuttling and clutchless gear and range changing.
6-litre engine produces reasonable pulling power but it feels and sounds rough, and the gearshift is stiff and notchy.
Says Nagelle, "This could include a woodgrain look on side panels or on instrument panels or around gearshift consoles, where we would replace laminates.
For LuK, these gearbox variants comprise its XSG family that embraces Electronic Clutch Management (ECM), which dispenses with the clutch pedal, the Auto Shift Gearbox (ASG), where the actual gear shifting is automated, and the Uninterrupted Shift Gearbox (USG), where a partial filling of the torque interruption during a gearshift is achieved with an additional clutch.
The center console is gone, and the gearshift and dashboard were taken out.
An optional manual gearshift package is also available.
A user presses the collector pad against a person's hands or a vehicle's handles, steering wheel, or gearshift, and then puts the ampule in place in the pouch before crushing it.