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a set of gears

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Dual-motor electric mode engages the second motor and planetary gearset to reduce the speed of the primary electric motor at higher speeds in order to improve efficiency and mileage without increasing output.
The hydraulic pump gearset is installed at the first workstation on the line.
It has worn out the multi-disc clutch packs that engage each gear, and debris from the clutches has probably damaged the planetary gearset - the mechanical drive system in the transmission.
The drive axle contains the final drive gearset, most important because it's the key factor in effective overall multiplication of the engine's horsepower and torque output.
All of which means that there is a nearly infinite range of "gear ratios"--but realize that there are no gears per se (although a planetary gearset is used to allow the transmission to shift between forward and reverse).
By replacing a complex pulley system with an Intech gearset, Dexter Magnetic Technologies improved the reliability of a robotic manipulator used to coat computer hard drives.
The all-wheel drive system features an electronics traction control system, a multi-plate clutch in the center differential and a planetary gearset.
The loading and noise requirements for these gears call for dimensional stability because of its effect on the center spacing of the gearset in operation.
The Cayenne Hybrid will feature a full-hybrid design where the hybrid module (clutch and electric motor) is positioned between the combustion engine and the transmission rather than having the hybrid drivetrain branching output along various lines and in various directions via a planetary gearset.
The planetary gearset is in the center of a design mode because all the remaining components are connected to its nodes and the characteristics of a design mode is determined by these connections.
The characteristics of Antonov's mechanical module (AMM), essentially a self-controlling automatic two-speed gearset, can be tuned to meet specific vehicle requirements.
The cam mounts low in the block just above the crankshaft and is driven through a relatively short gearset.
Precision is a measure of instantaneous speed variation present in a meshing gearset.
The gearset is nonmagnetic and immune to interference in such applications as welding or motors equipped with powerful brakes.