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a set of gears

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Dual-motor electric mode engages the second motor and planetary gearset to reduce the speed of the primary electric motor at higher speeds in order to improve efficiency and mileage without increasing output.
The hydraulic pump gearset is installed at the first workstation on the line.
The loading and noise requirements for these gears call for dimensional stability because of its effect on the center spacing of the gearset in operation.
The Cayenne Hybrid will feature a full-hybrid design where the hybrid module (clutch and electric motor) is positioned between the combustion engine and the transmission rather than having the hybrid drivetrain branching output along various lines and in various directions via a planetary gearset.
To achieve higher fuel efficiency, Ford's Powersplit technology system uses two motors and a simple planetary gearset to create an electrically controlled, continuously variable transmission that allows the use of the most efficient operating points of the engine and motors.
The gearset is nonmagnetic and immune to interference in such applications as welding or motors equipped with powerful brakes.
The sinter-brazed gearset enables more torque capacity and greater engine speed capability.
The flywheel is connected to the output end of the gearbox via an epicyclic gearset between the Torotrak-licensed CVT (www.
Laid out as two three-speed manual transmissions that are shifted automatically, via the gear lever or steering wheel-mounted paddles, the S-tronic matches one clutch to the odd gears and one clutch to the even gears, and has the solid input shaft for one gearset and clutch assembly running inside a hollow one for the other.
The proof-of-concept vehicle--a modified BMW X5 SUV--used an electric motor to drive a gearset in the transfer case and send torque to the rear.
Powered by RADCOM's GearSet, a proprietary chipset online session processor, Omni-Q offers a new high-end, high-performance hardware-based probe platform, the R70.
They postulated that running an engine at a constant speed and driving the output into a planetary gearset where one part of that gearset would rotate at a variable speed in response to what was required at the wheels would do the trick.
The first of these, called the "Acceleration Device" by Honda, uses a compact planetary gearset to increase output shaft speed by up to 5% during cornering.
A gearset reminiscent of the Torsen differential (invented by Gleasman and his father, Vernon), connects the pump and motor, and sends power to the driveshaft.