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Synonyms for gearbox

the shell (metal casing) in which a train of gears is sealed

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AaAaAeA AaAaAeAa Damaged or worn out bearings: When bearings get damaged due to cons use or poor lubrication, the gearbox might make a noise.
It is designed to retrofit into existing gearbox footprints within the cooling tower to allow swap-out in less than six hours, the company says in a release.
For any transmission or gearbox repairs, AGS will give you a full report on what needs to be done and give you a price before any work starts.
Global wind turbine gearbox and direct-drive systems' market share of the manufacturers.
3D Realms had in 2013, filed a lawsuit against Gearbox alleging them of not paying more than $2 million of royalties that they owed from Duke Nukem Forever.
Commenting on the arrival of the MINI John Cooper Works with new automatic gearbox across the full line-up, Sarah Klippert, MINI manager, BMW Group Middle East, said: "Qatar is an important market for MINI sales with customers having a preference for high-end Cooper S engines.
But longer fasteners can cause the cover chafe against the gearbox.
The ASG is an automated version of the five-speed manual gearbox in the up
The move comes after an initial Air Accidents Investigation Branch examination of the EC225 which went down while carrying 12 passengers and two crew showed it suffered a crack to a gearbox shaft.
The test examined the existing gearbox lubricant across two different production cycles, using varied power-consumption levels and material throughputs.
Many specialists from abroad said that Sun Lung is a worldwide pioneer in developing the green purified gearbox in the field of oil-purifying technologies.
A HELICOPTER which crashed into the North Sea and killed a Liverpool dad should have had its faulty gearbox replaced a week earlier, an inquiry found.
This type of mounting renders an adapter flange, the clamp system, and the gearbox input bearing obsolete.
On the basis of the performed analysis it follows that the existing approach, the gearbox are designed for light regime of exploitation and its loading capacity is reduced by means of service factor for moderate or heavy shocks, is fully justified.
Onvio's high precision gearbox products offer efficiency as well as smooth and quiet operation.