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gearing that reduces an input speed to a slower output speed

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There are four fixed gear ratios superimposed on two electric variable ratios," explains Larry Nitz, executive director of hybrid powertrain engineering at GM.
Decrease gear ratio -- Choosing a lower gear ratio improves fuel economy, reduces engine wear, increases speed at lower RPMs and may help reduce over-revving.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Spare EOT crane material Rotary Geared Limit Switch With Gear Ratio Of 60:1 For 115/25t Eot Crane Qty 02, Switch,Limit;Type: Counter Weight;Additional Information:115/25 Ton Eot Crane Qty 02
The LS 460's active safety equipment -- a completely redesigned multilink suspension system -- is highlighted by two segment firsts: Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) equipped on the available air suspension and a next-generation Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system, coupled with electronic power steering.
VGRS features an actuator that has a reduction mechanism with strain wave gearing that adjusts the actual gear ratio between the steering pinion and rack.
The key to the SuperGen technology lies in the combination of a patented epicyclic traction transmission and electric gear ratio control.
The main advantages are that you get full engine braking, total control over which gear ratio is used and no "creep" when a gear is engaged and the engine is running.
Tom Stephens, group vice president, GM Powertrain, says the new six-speed is not a Lepelletier design, has "a 6:1 overall gear ratio spread that will increase fuel economy by 4% when compared to a current four-speed automatic," and states the collaboration with Ford "shaved months" from the transmission's development time.
173:1 and--in all-wheel-drive versions--a transfer case gear ratio of 0.
Some of Baan's major automotive clients include: AMG, Autovaz (Lada), Bandag, Bakrie, BTR Cow, Polymers, Crown Equipment, Daf, Dorbyl Group, Dunlop, Euclid/Hitachi, Flexfab, Goodyear, Gear Ratio (Reumech), Husco, Mitsubishi, MCC/Smart Car, Ned Car, Pilot Industries, Pininfarina, Shatterprufe, Western Industries, GKN, Prince Corporation, Remploy, United Engineering, PICO, and PowerPacker.
The bars pivot, allowing them to smoothly accept the uniform spacing of the chain even as the gear ratio changes.
Users select the one characteristic they believe is the most important in the success of a solar car (such as level of light, gear ratio, weight of the car, and so on).
A hydraulic pump and motor (variator unit) allows for a smooth and continuous gear ratio change between engine speed and machine speed.
6 L VTEC incorporates a direct air intake system, large diameter propeller and low gear ratio.