gear mechanism

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a mechanism for transmitting motion for some specific purpose (as the steering gear of a vehicle)

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The contact between the teeth of a gear mechanism is both rolling and sliding.
Multirange HMCVT for tractors is a complicated transmission system, which can be simplified as shafting, planetary gear mechanism, hydraulic speed regulation mechanism, variable displacement pump-fixed displacement motor system, and wet clutches control system [25, 26].
In tables i, 2, 3 listed variables that show design factors, kinematic of running gear mechanism of hydraulic machine, pressure and viscosity of hydraulic fluid.
The weight of the attachment can be reduced by hundreds of pounds because it can be mounted closer to the carriage and has a smaller gear mechanism while enhancing speed and visibility.
The engineers at FEV added a simple gear mechanism to the bottom end of a standard Audi 1.
A gear mechanism converts vertical movements of the pack to rotary motions of an electrical generator, producing up to 7.
The company reported back to David Brown's design team who worked with manufacturing colleagues at the Park Works site to provide a gear mechanism which would to be made to fit in the tight space between the light's four bronze supports.
The SPADD (Smart Passive Damping Device) used to protect satellites and space structures from vibrations during launch is now also used to reduce the noise of concrete mixers caused by mechanical shocks in the gear mechanism.
For example, the gear mechanism that extends and retracts the locking bolts in the premium quality Liberty safes is protected by a hardened steel plate holding over 100 ball bearings.
Advantages include Casemaster's sequential locking system and the sophisticated roto gear mechanism that ensures smooth operation.
said Wednesday they have jointly developed the world's smallest plastic gear mechanism in cooperation with Prof.
It had congealed, in effect had "frozen," and the cold-soaked airframe had prevented it from warming sufficiently to let the gear mechanism unlock properly.
The crank coils an enormous carbon steel spring about 2" wide and 33' long from a storage spool onto a take-up spool that is attached to a motor-driving gear mechanism.
The fully hydrostatic electronic pressure transducer RR-Hydromatic operating drive is performed by a load shifting two-speed gear mechanism on the front and rear axles.
As shown in the illustration, the planetary gear mechanism has a fixed external gear, an internal gear as a driver, a single planet gear, and a train arm acting as follower.