gear mechanism

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a mechanism for transmitting motion for some specific purpose (as the steering gear of a vehicle)

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In tables i, 2, 3 listed variables that show design factors, kinematic of running gear mechanism of hydraulic machine, pressure and viscosity of hydraulic fluid.
If the main lock is punched, drilled or destroyed, one or more hidden spring loaded pins are activated that lock up the cam or gear mechanism operating the locking bolts so that the bolts cannot be retracted.
The gear mechanism uses a nylon and vapor-grown carbon nanofiber composite material, which facilitates its injection into micropart moldings, allowing the reproduction of tiny, delicate shapes, the three companies said.
Once the cloud had passed, the solar panel resumed power control, and the gear mechanism ground to a halt.
The fully hydrostatic electronic pressure transducer RR-Hydromatic operating drive is performed by a load shifting two-speed gear mechanism on the front and rear axles.
As shown in the illustration, the planetary gear mechanism has a fixed external gear, an internal gear as a driver, a single planet gear, and a train arm acting as follower.
It comes with a winding handle, sealed-for-life gear mechanism and uses stainless steel pivots and powder-coated alloy to prevent rusting.
Tests have shown conclusively that a loose screw jammed an internal gear mechanism in an airlock hatch, preventing two astronauts from conducting spacewalks on NASA's recent shuttle mission, the space agency said Wednesday.
The machine's special non-strip gear mechanism insures long-lasting performance.
A gear mechanism is used to transfer energy to the engine flywheel.
The Model C400 utilizes a variable speed air motor to drive the capper's gear mechanism.
Unlike other battery-powered string trimmers, Black & Decker's trimmers use an exclusive gear mechanism to deliver more power from the motor to the cutting string, even when trimming in thick conditions.
2011) Gear Mechanism for integral steering of vehicles, 15th International Conference
In simpler terms I reversed the complete gear mechanism of the car so that I get maximum speeds while driving backwards," he said.
Standard features: Keba controller, 5-point toggle, linear position transducers for all major operational movements, auto-purge function, cold-start prevention, and gear mechanism for mold adjustment.