gear lever

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a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging gears

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Put the gear lever in neutral position and apply the handbrake.
As my snap shows, the cabin ambience is very Mercedes-like, with its command centre console, electric handbrake, back-lit instruments, stubby gear lever and polished alloy decor strips.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-9 May 2008-Norway's Kongsberg Automotive Holding ASA wins 5-year gear lever units contract from major heavy trucks manufacturer(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
As well as soft-glow blue nightlights which run throughout the cabin, it also features a revolutionary rotary gear selector replacing a conventional gear lever.
AS YOU would expect, the Suzuki off-road input in the Sedici is of the highest order, some decent on-demand 4x4 grip and power being conveniently at disposal via a simple switch adjacent to the gear lever, without having to resort to the complexity of a low-ratio transfer box which can prove decidedly off-putting to some drivers.
The gear lever was on the steering column and worked like a motor cycle, one up and three down.
Manual shifts are made either at the gear lever or at shift paddles behind the steering wheel.
Battery Switch or servo A tractor-trailer Hood Trunk Venturi Glove box or glove compartment Shock absorber Half shaft or axle shaft Convertible version of 2-door coupe Generator Station wagon Dashboard 2-door coupe Gearshift, gear lever Transmission Convertible top Truck Unibody Hubcap Drive shaft Vent window Tachometer Back-up lights Flywheel gear or starter gear 2- or 4-door sedan Cowl Muffler Rocker panel Vacuum advance Oil pan
CRUSH(tm) will be responsible for manufacturing the tie-down pins, housing, armature, spring, gear lever and release mechanism.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because grease inside the gear lever assembly could transfer to other internal components, which could lead to a vehicle rollaway and increase the risk of a crash.
Paid Servicing, Clutch & Clutch cable Set, Clutch Bearing Assembly, Gear Lever cable assembly,
Celerio Auto Gear Shift variants have the flexibility of both manual mode and auto drive mode in the same car, with a simple shift of gear lever.
The reare more storage areas in the doors and under The rear seat, as well as in front of the gear lever.
Buyers of the 170 cars being made available in the UK get front and rear parking aids, an interior sports kit comprising soft touch leather steering wheel and short shift gear lever, 19-inch matt black alloys and a Connect satnav.
Plus there's a sports kit inside that includes a leather steering wheel and shorter gear lever.