gear case

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the shell (metal casing) in which a train of gears is sealed

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If either gear case is low, support can check the transfer interlock air cylinder for leaks.
When Echo required a gear case and cable lubricant that would seal out dust, dirt, water and would also perform at extreme pressure loads and temperatures, we provided Echo(R) Lube(TM)," stated John Beasley, CEO and President of Hydrotex.
The OSA, a patented and unique technology, detects early warning signs of hidden developing engine, transmission and gear case problems through precise, on-site analysis of a sample of lubricating oil.
02 Nos Of Gear Case Upper Housing With Pinion Shaft Rs-3 , Bearing Removal Tool As Per Requirement Of Dmrs Consignee , 2 .
Tenders are invited for Gear Case For Roller Suspension Bearing For Tm - 4907 1 Top Half Gear Case With Tpu - Gear Case Seals, Rdso Drg No.
Tenders are invited for Half Wiper Gear Case Felt For T/M 4907 Roller Bearing Gear Case As Per Drag.
New features include a longer stroke cutting system, wider draper belts, faster draper belts, taller belt cleats, rubberized draper belt drive rollers, an advanced flotation system, a gauge wheel system integrated into the draper height sensing system, a large-diameter feed drum that's positioned farther forward, robust gear cases, a shaft-driven timed dual-knife system, stainless steel feed floor, hydraulic cutter bar tilt, ContourMaster[TM] integration, center drum/center draper belt/reel reverse with feeder house, in-cab belt speed display, reel resume capability, and no-tool/one-person conversion to four-tire transport configuration.