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raise the price of something after agreeing on a lower price

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A mandatory survey lies at the core of government proposals to speed up property sales and thereby gazump would-be gazumpers.
MINISTERS declared war on gazumpers yesterday with new laws to speed up home buying.
One in five house sales fall through at the moment - but it's not all the fault of wicked gazumpers.
He started building a nest of grass and feathers weeks before she moved in, spinning round and round with his wings outstretched to make a bowl shape, and fighting off any gazumpers.
But a survey by pollsters MORI has discovered that one in three homeowners would renege on a deal if gazumpers offered them an extra pounds 5,000 before contracts were exchanged.
The measures are designed to slash the time it takes to buy a house, currently an average 10-12 weeks so gazumpers will not time to make a better offer.
No, it's a fast track house sale, pushed through so quickly there is no time for gazumpers to get in on the act.
LAMBETH Building Society has launched an insurance policy against gazumpers.
A source close to the deal said: "The gazumpers would probably have increased their offer beyond the asking price but when they heard they were bidding against the Queen they tactfully withdrew.
Buying a home is the biggest financial step of our lives, so gazumpers come top of most hate lists.