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raise the price of something after agreeing on a lower price

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A source close to the deal said: "The gazumpers would probably have increased their offer beyond the asking price but when they heard they were bidding against the Queen they tactfully withdrew.
The Queen helped thwart a would-be gazumper to secure the house after the Duchess made a pounds 1million.
Villagers were left fuming after their 20-year-old plan to build a community hall was scuppered by an anonymous gazumper from their midst.
While our national survey confirms reports that house prices are rising, the gazumper is having a field day, too.
There's little you can do to stop the gazumpers, but here's some tips that might help you out:
The puppy gazumpers want a dog with a good pedigree and they're willing to pay more to get one.
FERNANDES would be a great signing, but a few more performances like he put in against Blackburn, and the serial gazumpers like Newcastle are bound to enter the equation.
Negotiator magazine, a journal for estate agents, says the new 300-page Housing Act is focusing on home information packs (Hips), intended to change the way we buy and sell property from 2007 and ( supposedly ( to beat gazumpers.
They also accept that cutting transaction time between acceptance of an offer and exchange of contracts could help deter gazumpers.
He says: "It gives people the chance to exchange contracts as quickly as they like, cutting down on a lot of the time available for gazumpers to make their move.
A mandatory survey lies at the core of government proposals to speed up property sales and thereby gazump would-be gazumpers.
One in five house sales fall through at the moment - but it's not all the fault of wicked gazumpers.
In areas which have tested it, levels of abortive sales have fallen 8%, while time taken to reach exchange of contracts - when gazumpers can strike - has been cut by 11 days.
But a survey by pollsters MORI has discovered that one in three homeowners would renege on a deal if gazumpers offered them an extra pounds 5,000 before contracts were exchanged.
He started building a nest of grass and feathers weeks before she moved in, spinning round and round with his wings outstretched to make a bowl shape, and fighting off any gazumpers.