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a very large indefinite number (usually hyperbole)

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I think that nano-technology is going to take over and you're going to be able to obtain gazillions of bits of data stored on a piece of material that you can access electronically and you won't have to rotate it.
They never seem to opine that gazillions lashed out on nuclear weapons or bombing Iraq might be better spent; no, it's Welsh that must face the chop.
There are gazillions of college scholarships around.
The evening isn't as hot a ticket as the White House Correspondents Dinner, but among the gazillions of D.
Gazillions of colorful bubbles - more bubbles than any other solution on the market.
As it is, he's off pocketing further gazillions for a new program that'll only be available on a subscription streaming service.
Corporate avoidance costs the UK gazillions every year, but the taxman prefers to negotiate cosy deals rather than put company bosses in the dock.
c) An over-pampered, designerclad, wealthy pop star who is paid gazillions for a few months work Congrats to all those who chose C.
Thanks to mega-rich Manchester City's gasguzzling gazillions we no longer consider them the dirtiest mercenaries on the block.
CAN anyone, preferably the organisation itself, explain why the TaxPayers' Alliance get so awfully exercised about public sector wages but seem not too concerned when companies such as Google and Amazon use fancy-dancy schemes to avoid paying gazillions in tax?
Gazillions, I'm sure, covering everything from gruesome deaths at the Colosseum to Julius Caesar's favourite bedtime snack.
I think about my sugar intake when we filmed those scenes, and my glycemic index, because I'm sure it was in the high gazillions.
TO swear once in front of gazillions of viewers is careless - forgiveable even.
99 percent of everything: record sales in the gazillions, a cool, much older hubby with a ponytail, a skyrocketing career and all the perks therein?
Opinion has been mixed and, yes, there's been a backlash against Christine on the basis that she is being paid gazillions to look good on a sofa and read an autocue.