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a very large indefinite number (usually hyperbole)

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On Wednesday, while some Twitter users were mourning the demise of Gazillion Entertainment and the earlier shutdown of "Marvel Heroes" servers, some video game companies came to the rescue of Gazillion's former employees.
Behind the scenes, former employees of Gazillion confirmed that there had been numerous layoffs since the game launched.
Please Jake, tell us where we can get some MJ1s without paying a gazillion dollars on eBay for some loser's smelly-ass used ones that are the completely wrong size anyway.
We are honoured by this incredible one-and-a-half-million registered-user milestone and thank everyone who has played Marvel Heroes," said David Brevik, CEO of developer Gazillion.
Markey easily defeated Gabriel Gomez, a modest and self-effacing veteran who felt compelled to remind voters he served his country as a Navy SEAL 10 gazillion million times.
Containing nothing we haven't seen in a gazillion nature specials, it's a sugar-coated portrait of the natural world that's both sickly in tooth and claw.
and the drama of paying their star Pammy Anderson a gazillion dollars a second when she was hoofed out in the first week, who will reign supreme?
In fact, dime a dozen does not really describe it best, it would be a gazillion iDocks hanging around on store shelves, looking pitifully at the masses who walk by each day, hoping that someone would rescue them from such a mediocre existence so that they can really show off to the listener just what kind of audio performance they are capable of.
Did Bill Gates quit his day job when he made his first gazillion dollars?
Today, Gazillion Entertainment has announced a free to play MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games, called Marvel Heroes.
And, of course, the mar features a gazillion of the brokerages listings in New York City, Long Island, The Hamptons/North Fork, Westchester, Florida and around the globe.
And it's kind of tempting, because it's always depressing when you hear things like, "You know man, if you'd bought 50 bucks worth of Microsoft shares in 1982 you'd be worth a gazillion dollars now.
In fact it is equal to other members of the indeterminate number system, such as BAJILLION, BAZILLION, GAZILLION and UMPTILLION.
I love the movie, I love the original, I've seen it a gazillion times.
The highlights of the festival included first-time appearances by Merchants of Bollywood, The Dhol Foundation and the Gazillion Bubble Show.