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a newspaper or official journal

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publish in a gazette

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Here the editor of the Eatanswill GAZETTE, appearing to ramble, Mr.
Pickwick withdrew, and returning with his friends, presented them in due form to the editor of the Eatanswill GAZETTE.
My public station, as editor of the Eatanswill GAZETTE, the position which that paper holds in the country, my constant immersion in the vortex of politics--'
go down into the office, and bring me up the file of the GAZETTE for eighteen hundred and twenty-six.
The announcement of supper put a stop both to the game of ecarte, and the recapitulation of the beauties of the Eatanswill GAZETTE.
Pott was discerned in one of the windows, by the mob beneath; and tremendous was the enthusiasm when the Honourable Samuel Slumkey himself, in top-boots, and a blue neckerchief, advanced and seized the hand of the said Pott, and melodramatically testified by gestures to the crowd, his ineffaceable obligations to the Eatanswill GAZETTE.
But after a very few sentences of figurative eloquence, the pink-faced gentleman got from denouncing those who interrupted him in the mob, to exchanging defiances with the gentlemen on the hustings; whereupon arose an uproar which reduced him to the necessity of expressing his feelings by serious pantomime, which he did, and then left the stage to his seconder, who delivered a written speech of half an hour's length, and wouldn't be stopped, because he had sent it all to the Eatanswill GAZETTE, and the Eatanswill GAZETTE had already printed it, every word.
A wondering murmur passed through the crowd on beholding her so rosy and bright; that same unhappy niece, whom they had supposed, on the authority of the Parker's Falls Gazette, to be lying at death's door in a fainting fit.
The handbills of the selectmen would cause the commitment of all the vagabonds in the State; the paragraph in the Parker's Falls Gazette would be reprinted from Maine to Florida, and perhaps form an item in the London newspapers; and many a miser would tremble for his money bags and life, on learning the catastrophe of Mr.
Indeed, the Court Gazette called him a triumph of Pylotechnic art.
In the meantime, Minister Rishad Bathiudeen said on the evening of 31 March in Colombo, "I informed the officials that I will present a Cabinet Paper to remove the gazettes affecting resettlement of Northern Muslim IDPs.
Hussman, who bought the Gazettes assets for more than $68 million, ending the newspaper war, promised readers the best of both.
Monday to Saturday Gazettes by post in the UK: 1 week (6 issues) - PS10.
There are also Gazettes for Edinburgh (1699) and Belfast (1921), previously known as The Dublin Gazette which was first published in 1706) Apart from reproducing certain information of nationwide interest published in the London Gazette, they also contain material specific to Scot-t land and Northern Ireland.
This felt like the zenith of my creation of good-looking Gazettes but hopefully there are more appealing magazine designs still in me.