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a journalist who writes for a gazette

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a geographical dictionary (as at the back of an atlas)

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Joseph Dennis's book on Chinese gazetteers (difangzhi [phrase omitted], local gazetteers or local histories) is the synthesis of many years of research on this subject.
com)-- Gazetteer specialists Aligned Assets are pleased to announce the release of a Risk Information Module as part of their local government gazetteer management system, Symphony iManage.
Gazetteer match--indicates whether the lemma matches a gazetteer entry (used for gazetteers with single-word entries: names, surnames, and ethnics).
Those textural tomes that break your wrist just to lift them - The AA Gazetteer Of Places To Stay; The Directory Of British Sub-Post Offices; The Whisky Lover's Guide To The Scottish Islands; Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack; The Cyfansoddiadau.
Council spokesman Ian Thomson said: "Apostrophes are not generally used in street names as they can lead to problems and confusion when data is transferred electronically for other uses, such as street gazetteers.
After so many years of reading local histories based almost exclusively on gazetteers and family genealogies, one begins to wonder if it is time to remember that there was a higher authority that interacted with local communities and that not all Chinese politics was local.
A thorough examination of China's local gazetteers from the late 15th century on produces a number of provocative data points on the introduction of the chili pepper into China.
A recent report by CEBR estimated that pounds 55 million a year could be saved as a result of using gazetteers in those councils responsible for creating and maintaining them.
The volume lists dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, directories, bibliographies, guides, atlases, gazetteers, and others.
There were numerous authors and publishers who produced universal gazetteers, generally beginning around the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Philippe Langlet and Quach Thanh Tam have drawn on an impressive array of sources, ranging from the Nguyen provincial gazetteers [Dai Nam nhat thong chi] and other official court texts on the Viet side to the Annuaires de la Cochinchine and other far less readily available works from the early colonial era, and painstakingly sifted their geographical and administrative information.
In this changeable setting, various interests, from the great European powers to the local nobility to the city's gazetteers, were often compelled to be innovative in their political dealings.
He observed seasonal and ancestral rituals, interviewed local residents, and collected written documentation from local gazetteers, several hundred genealogies, household division records, land deeds, and stone inscriptions, all of which he has put to good use in this book, which is simultaneously a local history and an analysis of Chinese lineages, defined as "a self-professed patrilineal descent group (4).
The travel industry bible, known as Gazetteers, has launched a website Gazetteers.
Because gazetteers as long ago as the fifth century A.