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a journalist who writes for a gazette

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a geographical dictionary (as at the back of an atlas)

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The Iowa Atlas & Gazetteer is the perfect complement to a vehicle's GPS or an online mapping site because it allows travelers to easily browse and highlight their routes and all the possible activities along the way and near their destination.
OGC TESTBED 10 CCI Virtual Global Gazetteer Engineering Report (14-029r2)
Aligned Assets are an industry leader in AddressBase, gazetteer and address management solutions.
Starts gazetteer match--indicates whether there is any sequence of words starting with the current word that fully matches a gazetteer entry.
GeoPlace is honoured to be one of two winners of the Best Project Delivery category at the 2011 UK Public Sector Digital Awards for the development and delivery of the National Address Gazetteer Database.
The National Address Gazetteer will end the need for public services and businesses to pay for two overlapping "address books" maintained by councils and Ordnance Survey.
STOCKTON Council has won the 2010 Best in North East Region Exemplar Award for the quality and accuracy of its Local Land and Property Gazetteer.
Entries are then arranged alphabetically in the Gazetteer while at the end we have a useful glossary and a very well done collection of indices.
There are lots of color plates of habitats and birds, and at the end is a gazetteer to help readers locate unfamiliar places.
Appendices include a gazetteer of piers and harbors, Nimmo's writings and maps and public records of his structural works.
And for those who prefer spirits to ales, Ghost Taverns, An Illustrated Gazetteer of Haunted Pubs in the North East of England, reveals the spooks of the region's boozers.
This is followed by a checklist of plants (lichens, mosses, hepatics, and vascular plants) of the paramo, and most importantly a gazetteer of paramo localities, divided into sections on Costa Rica-Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru.
With Birmingham on board, all councils with a statutory responsibility for street naming and numbering are now submitting updates to the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) central hub.