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1%, trailing five other regions and London, which has the highest concentration of gazelle businesses in the UK, with a rating of 7.
Gazelle is an online service that offers a simple way to get cash for -- or responsibly recycle -- used or unwanted consumer electronics such as cell phones.
Keister and his father, Joseph, contacted the Gazelle Group about Holy Cross taking part in the annual tournament.
The corporation is correctly looking to create a widget to plug into its distribution engines so as to create immediate economic leverage, while the gazelle just wants to create a widget that is an innovation for the customers before it at the time.
He's a biologist at Ohio State University and one of the authors of a recent study of sand gazelles.
Dhuweila appears originally to have been a small but substantial camp for Late PPNB hunters using a "desert kite"--a funnel-shaped arrangement of stones--to trap herd animals, probably gazelle.
BABY gazelle Bonita is on the road to recovery after a PENCIL was used to fix her broken leg.
The Gazelle Index, a survey of 350 of the nation's fastest growing black-owned businesses as measured by workforce growth rates, took a sharp drop, from 67.
Assault ship HMS Fearless (L 10) has two Lynx AH Mk 3 helos and two Gazelle AH Mk 1s from 847 Squadron on board.
If only the entire suite had mirrored the conciseness and fervor of the opening segment called "The Gazelle.
Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up and knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.
Adidas offers the Hemp Shoe, which is now being remarketed as the Gazelle Natural, available in sizes 3 1/2-13 ($49.
Birch cites such Gazelle successes as AST Research and Federal Express.
We are entering the "Era of the Gazelle," as a collegue puts it--from steel to computers, biotechnology, semiconductors, and superconductivity.